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PARCO is one of Japan's most famous names in shopping centers, with 19 centers currently under operation.Located in the center of the city, PARCO Hiroshima is the largest shopping center in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions. The main wing, new wing, and underground shopping area comprise floors B1F-10F, which include a total of 180 stores.The center is filled with shops especially popular among young people, including fashion and jewelry stores. There are also stores that offer assorted Japanese goods, children's clothing stores, sporting goods shops, and big brand stores like TOWER RECORDS and MUJI. There are a wide variety of goods available to purchase in the center, including everyday necessities, food, interior decoration, and CDs. Beauty parlors, nail salons, massage parlors, travel agencies, and other stores that offer a range of services are also available. There are two cafe, one sweets and pasta buffet restaurant and a bar with live music as well.Inside the shopping center we offer a variety of services, including an information counter, coin lockers, and baby carriage rental areas. Whether you are in Hiroshima for sightseeing or shopping, please be sure to stop by.

  • MSPC product sort
    MSPC product sort
    (new wing B1F)
    /Bag,made in Japan
    DAI NIPPON ICHI (new wing 4F)
    /Ladies',Men's,Japanese Goods
    URBAN RESEARCH DOORS (new wing 4F)
    /Ladies',Men's,Japanese Goods
  • HUMOR・MARKET・by・A‐net
    HUMOR・MARKET・by・A‐net (new wing 4F)
    /Ladies',Men's, Goods
    AUJOUR'DHUI  (main wing 1F)
  • snidel
    snidel snidel (main wing 2F)
  • gelato pique
    gelato pique pique(main wing 2F)
  • medistore
    medistore(main wing 8F)
  • Soccer Shop KAMO
    Soccer Shop KAMOKAMO(main wing 9F)
    /Soccer goods
    MURASAKI SPORTS (new wing 6F)
  • MUJI
    MUJI(new wing 6-7F)
    TOWER RECORDS (new wing 9F)


Spend more than 2000 yen in PARCO,
get a "HIRODEN" 1day pass

Tourist who soend over 2,000yen (including tax) in PARCO shop
will be presented with a 1-day "HIRODEN"(Hiroshima Electric Railway) pass.
*100 1-day passes will be presented each month.
*1-day passes are limited to one per customer and require the presentation of your passport at any PARCO information counter.(Main wing 1F)
(only foreign tourists)

Credit Cards

At Parco we accept the following credit cards.

  • VISA
  • Master Card
    Master Card
  • JCB

Access Map


Access from public transportation

Hiroshima Electric Railway: One minute walk from Hatchobori Station.
Hiroshima Electric Railway Bus: Take the number 3 line to Hatchobori. One minute walk after arriving.
Hiroshima Bus: Take the Ujina, Yokogawa, Yoshijima, or Kusatsu lines to Hatchobori. One minute walk after arriving.

Business hours

Shops 10:00-20:30
*Only the SUZU CAFE on floor B1 operates until 23:00.
PARCO managed car parking lots 10:00-21:00
Bicycle parking lots 7:00-23:00


TAX FREE Shops Main Wing , 1st Floor: SIENA, TiCTAC, ROSEBUD
Main Wing , 2nd Floor: DIESEL
Main Wing , 5th Floor: PORKER FACE
New Wing , 4th floor: COLLECTORS, HUMOR MARKET by A-net, MHL
As of July, a large number of other shops also plan to go tax free. Look forward to it!
Baby Carriage Rental Rental areas are located in the main wing on floor B1, as well as in the new wing on floors B1, 1, 4, and 6. When renting the carriage, you must insert a ¥100 coin (the coin will be returned when you return the carriage. The cars are equipped for infants between 10 months and two years old).
Baby Changing Rooms On the 6th floor of the new wing next to KIDS PARK, baby changing rooms equipped with cribs, nursing rooms, hot water dispensers, and vending machines for beverages are available.
Wheelchair Rental Please inquire ask at the information desk on the 1st floor of the main wing.
Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms Main wing: 5th floor. New Wing : 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th floors.
Live Performance Space CLUB QUATTRO. Main wing, 10th floor. 082-542-2280
CLUB QUATTRO is a space for live entertainment.

PARCO produces high quality live shows at its entertainment space, CLUB QUATTRO, so that our customers can relax freely and enjoy.
PARCO FREE Wi-Fi In the main areas of the shopping center, there are public wireless networks that can be connected to by Wi-Fi enabled devices.
For customers who wish to use Softbank's wireless network, they should select "Softbank Wi-Fi Spot" as their network. For other customers, after registering*, they will be able to use "PARCO FREE Wi-Fi" free of charge (30 minutes per day).
* First time customers must register in order to use PARCO FREE Wi-Fi.
Main Wing : B1 food area, entire 1st floor, 8th floor food area, and 9th floor passageway.
New Wing : 1st floor common area, 4th floor passageway, 7th floor shinnana area, and around the 8th floor atrium.