CSR activities

At PARCO, we define CSR initiatives as activities carried out through "business activities = core business." "Customers," "store tenants," "employees," "shareholders and investors," "local communities and society," "land owners and leaseholders," and "suppliers" are all stakeholders in our business. Our goal is to gain the sympathy, understanding and support of these seven groups of stakeholders, so that we can enhance our corporate value.

Four main themes

With a strong determination to provide personal fulfillment to consumers, the PARCO Group will continue to create and share new value through advancement, innovation and the PARCO Way.
Under our Fundamental CSR Policy, we pursue activities anchored by the following four main themes. “Next-generation human resources” involves supporting upcoming human resources and talent. Culture means creating new markets and new value in the cultural sphere. For local communities, PARCO improves the appeal of towns and regions. For the environment, we build stores with low environmental impact.