Management and risk management system

Fundamental Policy

We at PARCO are to constantly work to strengthen our system of corporate governance, recognizing that in order to enhance corporate value, we must: build smooth relationships with stakeholders, preserve transparency in management, and establish an effective management oversight structure.

Our corporate governance system is to be characterized by a clear distinction between supervision and execution. Here, to assure a high degree of transparency in corporate governance while facilitating decisionmaking and execution, we adopt a corporate managerial structure that includes a Nominating Committee and other such entities.

We at PARCO established Fundamental Policy for Corporate Governance in 2016. This policy formulates our basic way of thinking with regards to corporate governance. That is, it sets down how PARCO believes corporate governance should best be applied to achieve continual growth and a medium-to-long-term enhancement of corporate value under the PARCO Corporate Mission, which calls for the creation and provision of value in a manner that satisfies our customers, tenants, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

Overview of the PARCO management system​

One of the characteristics of our management system is that we adopt a Company with Auditors system and have a Nominating and Compensation Committee in addition to the Board of Directors and Auditors.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is to strive for a sustained increase in corporate value. The Board is to determine a strategic direction for the company, provide an environment conducive to risk management and assure a high degree of supervision over Directors and Executive Officers.

Nominating and Compensation Committee ​​

The Nominating and Compensation Committee consults with the Board of Directors regarding the appointment and dismissal of directors and executive officers, as well as compensation, while maintaining objectivity and transparency.


The Auditors establish the Auditors Council consisting of all Auditors. The effectiveness of audits is ensured by enhancing regular meetings with the Representative Director and opportunities for regular explanations and reports from the Group Audit Office and accounting auditors.

Internal controls and risk management system

Our company will work to increase corporate value by establishing a system to assure the suitability of our company and group's operations regarding factors such as the efficiency and effectiveness of these operations, the credibility of our financial reports, the legal compliance of our business activities, and preservation of company assets.

Risk Management System

We are to work to provide a cross-organizational risk management system centered on our Risk Management Committee that, in addition to identifying and assessing the risks entailed by corporate activities, taking countermeasures against them and heightening our internal awareness of them, is capable of a swift response to risk-related occurrences through emergency action including taskforce deployment and information management.

Compliance system

We are to advance an internal awareness program through methods such as issuing a PARCO Employee Handbook to all Officers and employees, in addition to formulating Basic Principles of Compliance and a Code of Conduct, to which all employees are expected to adhere. Also, we have set up a group-wide internal reporting system utilizing a third-party contact to encourage the reporting of infractions or other improper activities and to facilitate corrective responses to same.

Internal auditing system

To reinforce the internal auditing capabilities of our group, we have established a Group Auditor Office which audits the legality, economic rationality, and risk exposure of the group as a whole, based on audit plans and under the direction of a Director assigned solely to this task. We also strive to improve audit efficiency through the timely exchange of auditing information with the Audit Committee and auditors at group subsidiaries.

Internal reporting system

In order to strengthen our compliance management, we have installed an internal reporting system that provides mechanisms for handling reports of infractions and other behavior that runs counter to laws, regulations or the like. The system includes the utilization of a third-party liaison to receive such information and measures to ensure that it is properly handled. One feature is that persons providing information, or persons cooperating with a subsequent investigation, are not to be dismissed or suffer other negative consequences as a result.

Related Party Transactions

In order to ensure that transactions entered into with related parties are appropriate, PARCO conducts a survey of all officers of PARCO and its subsidiaries regarding whether they have engaged in related party transactions, and on the basis of this submits to the Board of Directors a report on transactions between PARCO and its officers and major shareholders. Any transaction between PARCO and a Director or Executive Officer that gives rise to a conflict of interest is subject to approval by the Board of Directors based on the relevant laws and PARCO’s regulations for Directors.

CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives

We have established a CSR Committee to promote CSR activities within the PARCO Group and strengthen internal controls. The Committee will set PARCO Group policies for CSR activities, create action plans, support external publicity efforts, promote internal information sharing, and cooperate with external companies and organizations.
Committee activities are to span the organization, with related efforts covering everything from discussion sessions with PARCO Group Presidents and Executive Officers, to group-wide collaboration drawing together the Diversity Committee, Risk Management Committee, group companies, and PARCO internal departments.

Promoting and ensuring diversity within the organization, including encouraging the active involvement of women

We have installed a Diversity Committee to promote diversity initiatives across the company. The Committee will carry out initiatives aimed at cultivating a corporate culture characterized by tolerance and openness to new ideas, in which people of diverse views, talents, capabilities, and cultures can work to their full potential. We regard ensuring the active involvement of women within the organization as an important issue and strive to assure full female representation in our selection of leaders and managerial candidates. The Committee will promote other cross-organization initiatives including discussion sessions with PARCO Group Presidents and Executive Officers, and collaboration among group companies and PARCO internal departments.
Updated May 29, 2020