As a business group that prospers in urban markets, PARCO is committed to offering personal fulfillment to consumers and will continue to create and share new value through advancement and innovation, which is the PARCO Way.

President's CSR message

PARCO., LTD. President and Representative Executive Office Kozo Makiyama

Backed by both a powerful determination to enrich consumer lifestyles and the innovative and creative “PARCO Way,” the PARCO Group will generate new value to share together with society at large

President and Representative Executive Officer
Kozo Makiyama

PARCO Group Fundamental CSR Policy

The PARCO Group defines CSR as “measures taken in the course of business to gain the trust and satisfaction of stakeholders, and enhance corporate value,” and many such initiatives have been undertaken. The Group has also drafted an environmental policy, and is advancing the creation of commercial spaces with low environmental impact and other environmental protection activities.

Feature: Success of Value Creation

Michihiko Yanai (Creative Director) talk with Hajime Inoue (Executive Officer the Entertainment Department)

Michihiko Yanai (Creative Director) talk with Hajime Inoue (Executive Officer the Entertainment Department)

As Shibuya PARCO, the point of origin for the PARCO Group itself, gets set for the next stage in its evolution, we sat down for a conversation between Creative Director Michihiko Yanai, known for his involvement in numerous PARCO ad campaigns, and Executive Officer for the Entertainment Department Hajime Inoue on producing the PARCO brand.

CSR activities

At PARCO, we define CSR initiatives as activities carried out through "business activities = core business." "Customers," "store tenants," "employees," "shareholders and investors," "local communities and society," "land owners and leaseholders," and "suppliers" are all stakeholders in our business. Our goal is to gain the sympathy, understanding and support of these seven groups of stakeholders, so that we can enhance our corporate value.

Environmental initiatives

The PARCO Group recognizes global environmental issues as an important theme in its business activities in shopping centers and related fields. Through the promotion of environmental preservation activities, the Group seeks to leave a sustainable society for future generations. To this end, the Group aims to reduce the environmental impact of the commercial spaces it creates. These efforts include cooperating with tenants and other transaction partners, and making sure that customers and local communities are informed of the Groups activities and accept them.