Privacy Policy

As a developer of urban shopping complexes, PARCO’s corporate mission is “Creating futuristic, innovative spaces that brim with hospitality, providing an enjoyable experience for customers visiting our stores, and helping our tenants prosper.” Based on this and also our “Customer First” action guidelines, we are engaged in our daily business activities aimed at ensuring more customers select PARCO for their patronage and more tenants feel satisfied that they opened a store in a PARCO complex.
Moreover, PARCO has formulated its Basic Principles of Compliance and a Code of Conduct, which all employees are expected to adhere to and follow, to ensure their correct behavior, the prevention of the occurrence of any type of accident or unfairness, and the conducting of business activities in a fair and highly transparent manner. 
As regards the protection of personal information, PARCO sincerely understands the importance of the rights related to personal information in its role as a company to which customers entrust large amounts of personal information. To ensure that personnel comply with the laws concerned with personal information and to ensure the protection of personal information, PARCO has established a compliance awareness program to instill the following principles. All PARCO personnel act in accordance with these principles, thereby earning the trust of our customers.

PARCO Co., Ltd.
President, Representative Executive Officer
Kozo Makiyama

Treatment of Customer Personal Information

Acquisition of personal information
PARCO will only acquire personal information from you in a legal and impartial manner.
Use of personal information
PARCO will use your personal information only for the purposes to which you agreed at the time of submitting such information, and only as necessary to conduct its business.
Management of personal information
PARCO has built and operates appropriate information security management to maintain the accuracy of your personal information it holds and to prevent leakage, loss or damage of the information. Furthermore, PARCO implements appropriate measures and supervision of persons handling your personal information, persons to whom the personal information is entrusted, persons providing the personal information and persons who share the use of the personal information.
Provision of personal information to third parties
With the exception of some cases as determined by law, PARCO will not provide any of your personal information to any third party without having first obtained your agreement.
Disclosure, correction and cessation of use of personal information
In accordance with the laws regarding the protection of personal information, PARCO will respond to requests to disclose, correct or cease to use personal information.
Compliance program regarding protection of personal information
To implement this personal information protection policy, PARCO has established a compliance awareness program concerned with ensuring the protection of personal information. PARCO rigorously instructs this program to its personnel and other concerned parties, maintains the program and continuously improves it.

How We Use Personal Information

1.Customer Information
(1)For direct emails and notifications about various services
(2)Responding to customer requests and feedback through customer suggestion boxes in PARCO stores and an inquiry form on the PARCO website
(3)To ship prizes for instore campaigns
(4)To facilitate CRM, product shipping and payment at directly managed PARCO shops
(5)To send e-magazines, event and promotional information, and questionnaires as well as communications such as customer incentives from each PARCO store and the Entertainment Department
(6)To review and analyze marketing data, and for sales promotion activity
(7)To send notifications that are required to administer the PARCO website
2.Business Partner Information
(1)To ensure appropriate and smooth management pertaining to PARCO’s business objectives
3.Hiring and Employee Information
(1)For hiring and employment procedures
(2)For operations pertaining to employee management
4.Specific Personal Information
(1)For operations pertaining to employee management
(2)To provide stock ownership plans and asset accumulation programs to PARCO employees
(3)To prepare and send documents concerning statutory payment
(4)Other business processes defined in Japan’s Individual Number act* *Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures

If a customer desires the disclosure of personal information about himself or herself in accordance with the law, the customer is requested to contact the manager in charge of information management at the store which holds the relevant personal information, because it is necessary make the application using the official form for requesting the disclosure of personal information held by PARCO.