Employee Work/Life Balance Support System

Employee Work/Life Balance Support System

As part of PARCO’s Employee Work/Life Balance Support System, we are engaged in providing our employees support relating to both childcare/nursing care and to work. In 2007,2012 and 2015 PARCO was certified as conforming to the standards for general employers in accordance with the Law for Promoting Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation through formulating and implementing an appropriate action plan for the establishment of employment conditions. As a result of this, PARCO received the "Kurumin" mark certification.
We have set the period between now and June 2020 as the 4th phase of our targets to promote utilization of an institution for the support of work and childcare(nursing care) balance, provision of employment environment and improvement way of working. To archive those targets, we have enacted measures that are the promotion of reviewing way of working and an institution for the support of work and childcare(nursing care) balance.

Systems currently beyond stipulated by the law

1) System to use during pregnancy
・Mitigation on working during pregnancy (paid)
・Revival of expired annual paid leave days
2)System to use during time of birth
・ Spouse maternity leave
3)System to use during childcare/nursing care
・System for requesting a specific department to be reinstated at
・Childcare leave period (paid)
・System for selecting dates for childcare/nursing care leave, reduced-hour work days, and holidays
・Discounts on babysitter services
・Re-employment of retirees based on childcare/nursing care related reasons

Our "General employer action plan" based on The Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation(Japanese)

Human Resources Development Initiatives

PARCO considers each and every employee as an indispensable asset and a platform for future growth. We are engaged in implementing educational programs geared for different career paths and areas, with the aim of equipping each one of our staff with stronger skills and higher motivation.
We are also implementing an educational rotating system that periodically rotate staff between various departments, business areas, and regions, allowing them to widen their horizons and to strengthen their adaptability. Through a variety of workshops, we are working to introduce a competency and ability based career progress system.

Human Resources Development Initiatives

Administration Division

In addition to the rotating system, PARCO is working hard to support our employees’ capacity for development through providing a wide range of training and learning opportunities.

2014 training implementation

1) New employees
Induction training (e-learning, training trips), pre-assignment training (approximately two months), follow-up training
Young mid-level employees
Business skills training, tutor training (for new employee training), industry placement training, business school support, support for attending external public seminars
3) Other
Department-specific skills training, management training, compliance training, market inspection training, e-learning/distance learning, financial reward for obtaining qualifications/paid examination fees

Promoting dynamic participation of women

Women’s Empowerment in Fashion

PARCO also cooperated in the launch in fiscal 2014 of Women’s Empowerment in Fashion, an organization supporting the participation of women working in fashion-related fields. This decision reflected PARCO’s understanding and agreement with the stated mission of the organization

fashion industry retail staff

PARCO CITY, which operates a job recruitment site specializing in fashion industry retail staff, holds regular seminars, info exchange sessions, and other events designed to share many role models for women working in the industry.

PARCO announced its own initiatives at forums

PARCO announced its own initiatives at forums on career training for women and work-life balance sponsored by other retail companies.

The PARCO Group is promoting diversity management as a move for achieving a sturdier business base that will lead directly to its advancement as a company. Guided by the Diversity Committee, we pursue measures for fostering a corporate climate in which diverse values are mutually recognized, and real opportunities exist for all employees to showcase their skills and to grow. Among the issues addressed, one of the most important is promoting the dynamic participation of women. To increase female participation in management decision-making, under the Medium-term Business Plan (FY2014-2016), we set a target of having women comprise 15% of all management posts as part of the recruitment of more women into managerial and leadership roles. We also propagate career seminars, management seminars, and work-life management extensively within the Company.

Employee forums

Employee forums

We hold an employee forum to share information with all of our employees about our business results and the future direction of the company.
We use a web conferencing system that is open to PARCO employees. Through this system, the participants can view presentations by our company president, and can discuss questions and opinions. After the forum is over, we upload the contents to our intranet so that all employees can access it.