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CSR Activities and Future Measures

CSR Activities in Fiscal 2009

Employee Work/Life Balance Support System

At PARCO, we offer support centered on child care and nursing in an attempt to provide our employees with a fulfilling work/life balance. In terms of child care, permanent employees are able to take leave until April 10 following the first birthday of a child. Employees are also allowed to work shorter hours to care for their children until they begin attending elementary school. We also offer paternity leave and child nursing care leave. These different types of leave can be taken from the first year of employment. We have introduced various other programs, too, including reinstatement of paid annual leave lost due to child-care and nursing care commitments, the option to select where in the country to work, and a reemployment system. During fiscal 2009, ten women and two men took advantage of child-care leave, bringing the cumulative number of male participants to five since fiscal 2006 when the program was first introduced. Furthermore, we are endeavoring to enhance the work/life balance of employees by enabling them to use their annual paid leave entitlement in half-day units and paying travel expenses for periodic visits to employees living away from their families on temporary assignment.

PARCO has also created an action plan for the establishment of employment conditions that was certified as conforming to standards for general employers in accordance with the August 2007 Law for Promoting Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation.

Diversity Promotion Project Increasing corporate value through better utilization and development of a diverse workforce

Based on the belief that development of a corporate culture where diverse values are accepted, all employees can perform to the best of their abilities and can sense opportunities for growth, will make the business base stronger and lead to corporate growth, the PARCO Women’s Network (PWN) was established in November 2005. The aim of this project was to “utilize and develop a diverse workforce” through enhancing opportunities for female PARCO employees, thereby improving corporate value. This was re-organized as the Diversity Promotion Project from March 2011, with activities conducted in a wide range of areas such as raising awareness of diversity issues among all employees (regardless of gender, job title) as well as recommendations relating to key issues for career advancement of female employees.
In fiscal 2010, PWN held regular monthly meetings, centered on two subcommittees, at which the network reported to the representatives and executive officers, and conducted an exchange of opinions. The network also visited stores to hold discussions with senior staff members overseeing staff, including working mothers. We also held “Next Generation Workforce” discussions for the younger generations of PARCO employees. For these discussions, broadcast using our web conferencing system, we invited a number of panelists, including female managers from other companies, to give their thoughts on a number of relevant issues. In addition, at each branch, bimonthly lunch meetings are held for working mothers and soon-to-be working mothers, as a forum to exchange opinions and create a company in which it is easier for employees with children to work. Project members also took part in training for female employees held by PARCO SPACE SYSTEMS CO., LTD. which combined instruction in daily duties with a course in career development.
Themes for fiscal 2011 include the introduction of diverse working patterns, and more incentives for younger employees to pursue career advancement through better communication between different generations.

Employee Forum

PARCO holds Employee Forum events in order to share information about corporate results, plans, and policies with all employees. Using a web conferencing system that allows employees working at the stores or other locations apart from the Head Office to participate, the Forum events feature presentations by the President and questions and comments from employees. After the event, a transcript of the discussion is uploaded to the Company intranet to enhance transparency.

Creating Comfortable Working Environments

PARCO has established the Head Office Customer Satisfaction Committee as well as customer satisfaction committees at each store. These committees work to create comfortable commercial spaces. As well as improving the environment and services for customers, we are creating an environment which is comfortable to work in for tenants and our employees. Improvements were actively made to employee relaxation areas, the powder rooms and elsewhere, based on the thinking that making these employee-only areas comfortable is not only important of itself but will also improve interaction with customers.

Environmental Measures

The PARCO Group is implementing the following activities as its main environmental measures.

  1. In order to reduce CO2 emissions, we are cutting back on the use of electricity, which accounts for the majority of our energy usage. We are also introducing energy-saving equipment and facilities at our shopping centers, and building up and utilizing knowledge in controlling air conditioning and other aspects of our operations to use energy efficiently.
  2. We are working to reduce the environmental burden by promoting recycling and reuse, as well as the reduction of waste.
  3. Making full use of our status as a developer, we are seeking to create new commercial facilities that incorporate environmental considerations from the interior furnishing stage. This involves working hand in hand with many tenants, irrespective of their affiliation to PARCO.
Main Measures—Facilities, Equipment and Operations
Installation of LED lighting in common walkways, neon signs, toilets, etc.
Introduction of co-generation systems.
Introduction of ice thermal storage systems (for using night-time electricity)
Use of underground water
Installation of heat-reflective glass
Use of LED lighting throughout an entire store, PARCO’s first directly operated rotating collection shop (1st Floor, Fukuoka PARCO, “once A month”)
Use of carbon-neutral flooring materials, a first for a commercial facility (Fukuoka PARCO)
Mixed-paper recycling (Non-carbon paper, vinyl-coated paper, etc.)
Food waste recycling
Recycling of plaster hangers
Recycling of vinyl, polystyrene foam, waste oil, etc.

Government Recognitions and Certifications

Chofu PARCO received Gold certification under the Chofu Eco-Office Certification Program. Run by Chofu City, this program supports the creation of environmentally friendly business sites. The program awards three levels of certification, Gold, Silver and Bronze, to business sites that are actively reducing rubbish, conducting recycling activities and raising environmental awareness.

Kichijoji PARCO was recognized as an Eco Partner by Musashino City. Run by Musashino City, this program promotes the reduction of business waste. Certification is awarded to business operators meeting certain standards such as for the recycling of magazines and food waste.

Tours of Premises

All PARCO stores accept study tours of middle and high school students that give a behind-the-scenes look at our commercial complexes, including stores, employee-only areas and disaster-prevention centers. We explain the overall processes and other aspects of shopping center operations while the students actually observe the different areas inside a store.

CSR Activities by Group Companies


TiC TAC “Don’t Let a Good Watch Go to Waste Watch Exchange” Campaign

Under this campaign, customers receive a ¥2,000 shopping voucher in exchange for each watch they bring in. Working watches are sold at the MOTTAINAI flea market, part of the MOTTAINAI program. The proceeds from watch sales are used to support a tree-planting program called Green Belt Movement. Watches that cannot be reused are dismantled, with parts sorted in combustible and non-combustible components for disposal; batteries are removed to prevent the emission of hazardous substances. Silver oxide batteries include recyclable silver and toxic mercury. These batteries are properly disposed of through Battery Association of Japan.


Developed and Launched Sales of “P’es Lighting” Original Lighting Fixtures

PARCO SPACE SYSTEMS CO., LTD. has begun selling “P’es Lighting” lighting fixtures developed with the cooperation of other companies. These original products are designed to have a reduced environmental impact. PARCO SPACE SYSTEMS makes comprehensive proposals, extending to Eco mark design, interior design and building maintenance, using LED lighting and other products.


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