Entertainment Business

Since its establishment, PARCO has actively introduced new cultural offerings, producing diverse content in theater, music, and art through our Entertainment Business and contributing to enriching the livestyles of our customers.
Furthermore, in addition to multi-media productions, such as DVD and book versions of this content, and organizing collaborations, we also offer live entertainment with real emotion and discovery.
By communicating information on trends and creating added value through our Entertainment Business, we are contributing to the further improvement of our corporate brand.


While focused mainly on our own PARCO Theater, PARCO also produces dramas, musicals, and dance performances at theaters around Japan. We create high-quality productions with talented creators and actors.

Performance at the PARCO theater

Tango at the End of the Winter
Tango at the End of the Winter
Staged a new production of this Yukio Ninagawa classic, which had previously been performed to great acclaim in 1984 and 1986

Performance at the external theater

Dai-PARCO jin 2 Baka Rock Opera Baka
High School Panic! A Small Collision!!Written and produced by Kankuro Kudo
Maku-ga Agaru
This stage adaptation of a novel about high school girls and starring popular idols has been attracting a lot of attention. Before being adapted for the stage, the story was made into a movie with investment from PARCO


PARCO operates CLUB QUATTRO live music venues in four locations: Shibuya, Nagoya, Umeda, and Hiroshima.
The club books up-and-coming Japanese and international artists and offers a top-quality live music experience.The Music Cafe & Dining Bar,Kichijoji QUATTRO LABO, operated by CLUB QUATTRO doubles up as a relaxing cafe during the day, and at night, a bar spinning vinyl records

Producing concert tour

Producing Kenji Ozawa’s tour hold in May to June, 2016
Producing Kenji Ozawa’s tour hold in May to June, 2016

Music Cafe & Dining Bar Kichijoji QUATTRO LABO

A scene from the 25th anniversary concert
Kichijoji QUATTRO LABO feature large handmade speakers and a collection of over 5,000 records


PARCO produces, invests in, buys, and sells a wide range of highly individual domestic and international films, showing them at Cine Quinto, the mini theater connected to Shibuya PARCO Part 3.

PARCO-buying film

The Sea of Trees
The Sea of Trees
American mystery film directed by Gus Van Sant and written by Chris Sparling. Starring Matthew McConaughey and Ken Watanabe. ©2015 Grand Experiment, LLC.

PARCO-funded film

Wolf Girl and Black Prince
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro-Ouji
Film adaptation of a popular girls’ manga series.
© Ayuko Hatta / Shueisha ©2016 “Ookami Shoujo to Kuro-Ouji” Production Committee


PARCO is involved in the publication of a diverse range of content such as art books, literary fiction, guides, and books by cutting-edge Japanese and foreign artists and creators, as well as publication of materials in conjunction with events.

Linked with the exbition “BLACK BOX – unpainted face of Mr.Children” held in PARCO
A documentary book of BANKSY, an England-baced graffiti artist

Content development

We collaborate with other departments on a wide range of entertainment-related projects, such as gallery planning and management, collaboration cafés with artists and anime characters, and exhibitions.

Collaboration Cafe

'My Melody & My Sweet Piano Cafe
My Melody & My Sweet Piano Cafe
A collaboration cafe with popular Sanrio characters at THE GUEST cafe & diner in Shibuya PARCO, Nagoya PARCO and other locations

Exhibition production

Kanahei’s One-man Show - Lots and Lots of Little Animals
Kanahei’s One-man Show - Lots and Lots of Little Animals
The first solo exhibition in 10 years by hugely popular manga artist and illustrator Kanahei