Environmental data


Electricity usage

Gas usage

The majority of our gas usage is in running air conditioning.

Total water usage


CO2 emission levels

The primary cause of the increase in CO2 emissions in FY2013 is the increase in each power company's factors in CO2 emission calculations (changes every year based on fuel mix ratios) over last year.

Solid waste generation

Continuing initiatives for reducing waste generated and final amount processed has led to annual increases in recycling ratio.

Waste water volume

The primary cause of the increase in waste water volume in FY2014 is the increase in spring in some store

A year-on-year comparison among our existing stores. Calculations include the effects of the following events
FY 2010 Fukuoka PARCO opened, Oita PARCO closed
FY 2011 Shinsaibashi PARCO closed 
FY 2014 Fukuoka PARCO new Building opened

Environmental data (other than waste emission levels, recycling rate and final disposal amount) do not include data from our tenant shops.