Feature: Evolving From Our Point of Origin―Concepts Conveyed and Created by PARCO

Concepts conveyed and created by PARCO

Since its initial opening, PARCO has proposed new lifestyles to the public by actively introducing the cutting edge of culture not only in fashion but also music, the arts, theater, and other areas. By functioning as a space for the creativity of many new people of talent, PARCO has also created new value shared by society at large.

Amid the changing times and economic climate, and even transformation in consumer trends, facing these challenges and evolving the social role of the PARCO Group, namely its origin points of “Incubation,” “Urban Revitalization,” and “Trends Communication,” will become the foundation that spurs business growth.

Also, under the Medium-term Business Plan (FY2014-2016), we are promoting the development of unique CSR activities that reflect our business activities in order to strengthen the foundations for propelling our business forward.