Service improvement, reflecting our customers' wishes

Our salespeople and our staff who work at our information desks in our stores pass on to us questions and comments they receive from customers. This information, together with customer complaints received via phone calls, letters or e-mail are all entered into a database. All this data is shared throughout our company and forms the basis for service improvement.

Improvements to restrooms and nursing rooms

Reflecting our customers' opinions, we are adding new nursing rooms and restrooms, as well as upgrading existing facilities.

Art toilet Fukuoka PARCO New Building

Stroller lending

We have strollers within our stores, to lend to customers who require them.

First-aid room

We have a first-aid room at our stores to assist any customers who might require medical assistance.

Smoking room

Following calls from our customers, we are building smoking rooms for our customers at our stores.
These will create a more pleasant environment for our customers and will improve the environment within the building.

Separate areas for smokers and non-smokers at Tsudanuma PARCO

Separate areas for smokers and non-smokers at Tsudanuma PARCO

Providing Web-based Trends Communication

Backed by its store network, PARCO is aggressively leveraging advanced information and communications technology (ICT) to create new ways to enjoy commercial facilities.
To make PARCO store information available faster and more appealing, shops within PARCO make use of the PARCO Shop Blog, with roughly 3,000 such tenants involved in trends communication that encourages store visits.
Furthermore, we operate a service, called “Kaeru PARCO,” that enables in-store goods found on the PARCO Shop Blog to be reserved or ordered for delivery online, and have released a smartphone application, POCKET PARCO.
In these ways, we are creating an environment that allows customers to enjoy a “24-hour PARCO” via the Web.

Digital signage placed at various sites in Fukuoka PARCO New Building