Financial Highlights


Operating revenue(IFRS)
Net sales(J-GAAP)

Operating profit / Operating income margin

Ordinary income / Ordinary income margin

Ordinary income
(million yen)
Full Year10,32912,01312,49912,67313,253
3rd Quarter6,9228,5608,8119,1759,232
2rd Quarter4,5545,8246,3296,6026,085
1st Quarter1,9182,7552,9983,3143,157
income margin
Full Year3.

Profit attributable to owners of the parent / Profit attributable to owners of the parent ratio
Net income attributable to parent(J-GAAP) / Net income attributable to parent margin

Consolidated results by segment

Operating income

Shopping Complex Business(PARCO, PARCO(Singapore))

Retail Business(NEUVE A)

Space Engineering and Management Business(PARCO SPACE SYSTEMS)

Other Business(PARCO Digital Marketing, PARCO's Entertainment Business)