Medium-term Business Plan

PARCO Group has prepared its Medium-term Business Plan for FY2017-21 under the PARCO Group’s Long-term Vision established in 2014, we strive to be designers of unique offerings for 24/7 urban life and creative drivers of urban evolution to achieve our goal of being a business group that prospers in urban markets.
We will contribute to city maturity by leveraging the businesses of the entire Group, including the Stores Business, to meet the diversifying needs of consumers who enjoy urban lifestyles and business owners active in urban areas through the provision of unique PARCO values, such as personal fulfilment, new inspirations, and contentment.
To achieve this, PARCO Group will update its businesses and expand into new business areas to improve existing value provided and realize business portfolio innovation.

Please refer to the following documents for further details:

FY2017-21 Medium-term Business Plan

FY2014-16 Medium-term Business Plan