Message from the President

Kozo Makiyama

To Our Stakeholders

A New PARCO Reborn

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of Ikebukuro PARCO in 1969. It is a year of dramatic change for us. Four major projects are under way: Kinshicho PARCO, SAN-A UrasoeWest Coast PARCO CITY, Kawasaki ZERO GATE (tentativename), and Shibuya PARCO; and new buildings will be openingfrom spring through to autumn. Among these, the reopening ofShibuya PARCO is especially significant for us.
Since I was appointed to this position in 2011, I have considered our stance on “Incubation,” “Urban Revitalization,” and “Trends Communication” to be the very essence of PARCO’s DNA. We have been searching for a new mode for PARCO that is aligned with the times under the concept of “evolving from our point of origin.” When was PARCO’s point of origin formed? Looking back 50 years, I feel that it was in 1981 with the opening of Shibuya PARCO PART 3 that PARCO’s DNA was established. Shibuya PARCO grew together with tenants, gathered a host of young artists and creators into the Shibuya area, and contributed to its revitalization. It created a third building that was probably the first in Japan to propose lifestyles and not only engaged in communication of advertising and trends, but also the presentation of the building itself functioned as a proposal. I think this mode of operation is PARCO’s point of origin, which continues to this day. In November 2019, Shibuya PARCO, which can rightly be considered PARCO’s point of origin, is to be reborn. To create a completely new Shibuya PARCO that surpasses all expectations, we feel it is necessary for PARCO itself to be reborn. Our task is to take PARCO’s DNA and evolve it even further, aiming into the future from its 50th year.
For “Incubation,” we have focused again on “individual” talent. PARCO has always discovered and developed new talent in the entertainment and advertising fields; but now our goal is to bring back shopping spaces that are heterogenous in a bid to rediscover the excitement of fashion. We will support fashion designers and producers who are striving alone as individuals, and have them unleash their talents in PARCO, which will become PARCO’s driving power. This is another way that we will empower PARCO.
From a perspective of “Urban Revitalization” and “Trends Communication,” it is important in this day and age to consider the virtual space of the internet. Just as Shibuya PARCO once provided stimulation for the district and built excitement around Shibuya while being stimulated by it in return, in the virtual world too, we seek to establish spaces that have an inherent PARCO character while engaging in interactive communication. Rather than a one-way flow of information with PARCO acting alone, I believe we can provide everyone with better value by cooperating with those around us, responding to local topics and feedback from our users, and sometimes collaborating on interesting new initiatives with other companies. In both the real and virtual spaces, my first goal is to have people come and visit the area around PARCO and drop by on their way home. Then their shopping experiences will be associated with memories of happy outings. I feel that this may be one of the essential things that makes shopping fun.
In 2019, PARCO will refashion its DNA. By responding to many expectations while simultaneously subverting and exceeding them, we will be reborn as a new PARCO. I ask all our stakeholders to continue their kind understanding and support.

July 2019

President and Representative Executive Officer
Kozo Makiyama
Kozo Makiyama

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Updated Aug. 1, 2019