Managing Executive Officer CSR Committee Chair Message

Managing Executive Officer CSR Committee Chair Masaaki Abe
Managing Executive Officer
CSR Committee Chair
Masaaki Abe

To increase the quality of its CSR activities, the PARCO Group has formulated the PARCO Group Fundamental CSR Policy, clearly defining its position on CSR and establishing a system for its CSR activities. We consider the definition of CSR to be the embodiment of our Corporate Mission. We will gain our stakeholders’ trust and ensure their satisfaction through our three social roles: “Incubation,”“Urban Revitalization,” and “Trends Communication;” and promote initiatives to enhance our corporate value. Furthermore, in the belief that CSR activities are in fact business activities, we have established four main themes in line with our business activities: “Next generation,” “Culture,” “Local communities,” and “Environment,” and we are actively engaged in these. To promote these activities, we have built a CSR management structure comprised of the CSR Committee, Diversity Committee and Risk Management Committee, which will advance our CSR activities even further
In fiscal 2018, we aimed to achieve sustainable management with the SDGs in mind by actively addressing the issues of “Work style reform” and “Compliance,” which have been added to our four main themes for a total of six themes, and carried out 117 initiatives. For “Next generation,” we continued to support creators who will generate new expressions and discovered new shops and brands as well as supporting their development. For “Culture,” we opened a new mini-theater, UPLINK Kichijoji PARCO, while works produced and invested by PARCO were well reviewed in the art field, receiving numerous awards. For “Local communities,” we supported communities and people in Japan and overseas through the crowd-funding service BOOSTER, while each store cooperated with members of the local community and artists to contribute to regional revitalization. For “Environment,” we continued our initiatives to save electricity, recycle, and reuse at each store and business. For “Work style reform,” we revised the way in which employees work through measures such as expanding teleworking to continue providing support for diverse workstyles that do not require a specific workplace, and introduced a new second job program. For “Compliance,” we systemized our risk management and worked to ensure thorough compliance.
In fiscal 2019, as we mark our 50th anniversary, to ensure that we will continue to be sustainable going forward, we will take an ESG perspective and incorporate elements of the SDGs as we take active measures on our six main themes to contribute to resolving social and community issues. Moreover, at Shibuya PARCO, we will work to “create excitement with the surrounding community,” “reduce environmental impact,” and “collaborate with diverse companies and individuals.”

Updated Aug. 1, 2019