Fundamental CSR Policy

The PARCO Group defines CSR as “measures taken in the course of business to gain the trust and satisfaction of stakeholders, and enhance corporate value,” and many such initiatives have been undertaken.

We formulated the PARCO Group Environmental Policy in 2010, and pushed forward with environmental conservation activities including the creation of commercial business spaces with little environmental impact.

Next, we formulated a Fundamental CSR Policy in 2011 to further enhance the quality of future CSR activities. PARCO categorizes the group’s stakeholders into seven groups, led by “customers” and “tenants” and also “employees,” “shareholders and investors,” “members of the local community and society at large,” “landowners and leaseholders,” and “contract business partners.”

At the same time, we work to bolster corporate governance by preserving management transparency while building smooth relationships with all stakeholders.

Process to enhance PARCO Group corporate value

Outlined below is the process by which we seek to raise the corporate value of the PARCO Group. Toward this objective, we work to gain the understanding and support of our stakeholders through CSR activities channeled through core business activities.

CSR activities

CSR management structure

PARCO considers its CSR initiatives to be “measures taken in the course of business to gain the trust and satisfaction of stakeholders, and enhance corporate value.” Based on this belief we have established a CSR management structure, comprised of a CSR Committee, a Diversity Committee, and a Risk Management Committee.

They work to strengthen internal controls and advance various other activities in support of their missions.

Risk management is another area of importance, and here the Risk Management Committee works to manage the risks entailed by our business activities and to maintain a comprehensive, groupwide system to assure business continuity through prompt and effective response to risk-related occurrences.

All executive officers are affiliated with a committee, and the committees meet regularly. By this, committee activities are directly linked to departments and units throughout the organization, facilitating efforts to gain the commitment and active support of all employees.

CSR management structure

Updated Dec. 26, 2019