Social Media Terms of Use

PARCO Co., Ltd. (“PARCO”) has set out the following social media terms of use (“these terms”) regarding the use of PARCO official social media channels (“channels”) operated and managed by the company.

1. Scope of application of these terms
By using each channel and its attendant services, all users (“users”) agree to these terms. However, in cases where these terms are in conflict with the terms and policies of the company providing the social media, the social media provider’s terms and policies take precedence.
2. Purpose of social media
PARCO operates its channels with the aim of disseminating the latest information about the company and communicating with users. However, please understand in advance that it is not possible for us to reply to every post on each channel. For enquiries, please use the contact details available on this website. (An email address is listed on the Contacts page)
3. Handling of personal information
PARCO handles customer personal information with due care in accordance with the Privacy Policy on this website.
By using its channels, the user agrees to the purpose and intentions of each channel, and gives permission to access publicly available account and profile information including username, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, and friend lists.
4. Channel management
PARCO manages its channels in accordance with the Social Media Policy on this website.
5. Disclaimer
PARCO is not responsible for any of the following regarding the use of its channels.
・PARCO is under no obligation to guarantee the accuracy and completeness of information displayed on its channels.
・PARCO cannot be held liable for any damages that result from the use of or inability to use channels.
・PARCO cannot be held liable for the interruption, delay, or cancellation of posts to channels due to damage to or disruption of computers or connections, maintenance tasks, or other unavoidable circumstances.
・PARCO cannot be held liable for the content of users' posts (including comments, photos, and video).
・PARCO cannot be held liable for any difficulties or conflicts that occur between users or between users and third parties in relation to channels.
・The copyright to any content posted by a user remains with said user. However, once content posted by a user appears on a channel, said user grants PARCO the right to use said content free of cost (including in processed, abridged, duplicated, publicly released, and translated form) and agrees not to assert author’s moral rights or any other such rights against PARCO.
・Each channel is operated using the system of said channel’s social media provider. PARCO cannot answer enquiries on the operational situation of these systems. PARCO also cannot answer enquiries on software and applications provided by social media providers or third parties, usage methods, or technical questions in regard to channels.
6. Prohibited acts
Please refrain from performing the following acts on channels. Performing any of these acts may result in the corresponding post being deleted and the corresponding account being blocked.
・Acts that contravene public order, laws, or regulations, or may be deemed as such.
・Engagement in political activity, electioneering, religious activity, or other such similar acts.
・Use of discriminatory expressions, acts that are morally questionable, and acts that cause discomfort to other users.
・Acts that are libelous or defamatory towards PARCO, third parties, PARCO Executive Officers, employees, or their families, acts that damage the reputation or credibility of said parties, or acts that may be deemed as such.
・Acts that infringe on the rights or assets of PARCO or third parties, or may be deemed as such.
・Acts that cause disadvantage or damage to PARCO or third parties, or may be deemed as such.
・Identification, disclosure, or leakage of personal information without the permission of said person.
・Impersonating another.
・Acts that obstruct the operation of channels, or may be deemed to interfere with the management of channels.
・Acts with commercial intent, such as the advertising of products, premises, or companies.
・The reproduction, sale, or publishing of information procured through channels, or other acts beyond the scope of personal use.
・Posting information on channels that is without basis in fact, or information that can be judged as significantly removed from fact.
・The posting of information with no basis in fact that creates the false conception that said poster has a partnership or collaborative relationship with PARCO or a third party, or that creates the false conception that PARCO or a third party acknowledges, guarantees, supports or recommends a linked-to website, or may be deemed as such.
・The posting or transmission of malicious computer programs, deceptive files, and the like.
・Acts that contravene the terms of use or policies of each social media provider.
・Any other acts that may be reasonably judged by PARCO as inappropriate.
7. Terms of Use
In addition to these terms, the terms outlined in the Terms of Use page on this website also apply to the use of channels.
8. Replacement and removal of channels
The content of each channel is subject to change without prior notification. Channels may also end operation or be removed without prior notification.
9. Changes to these terms
PARCO reserves the right to make changes to these terms without the prior consent of the user. In such instances, the most recent terms apply to the use of channels.