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第3四半期 「クォータリーレポート」 Q3「Quarterly Report」


第3四半期 「クォータリーレポート」 Q3「Quarterly Report」



平成28年2月期 第3四半期 「クォータリーレポート」







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Quarterly Report
(Consolidated Results FY2015 Q3)

【Performance Overview】
The strong performance of PARCO Group companies in the third quarter resulted in  increased sales,with operating income surpassing targets and setting a new record for the third consecutive fiscal year.

■ In the Shopping Complex Business, growth in sales and profits was boosted by the full third-quarter operation of Fukuoka PARCO New Building and Nagoya ZERO GATE, which opened in the previous fiscal year, and by the opening of the Fukuoka PARCO Main Building extension and Nagoya PARCO midi in March.
■New store openings from NEUVE A CO., LTD. in the Retail Business and increased construction orders for PARCO SPACE SYSTEMS CO., LTD. in the Space Engineering and Management Business contributed to the rise in sales and profit.
■ Operating income increased 5.2% year on year, yielding record profits and reflecting contributions from Fukuoka PARCO New Building and Nagoya ZERO GATE. Net income declined 5.9% year on year mainly due to losses on termination of operations associated with the decision to close Chiba PARCO.
Forecasts for the fiscal year ending February 29, 2016 remain unchanged.


【Comments from the President】
The major achievement of the third quarter performance was the combined strong performance of the PARCO Group companies.
Sales and profit grew in PARCO CO., LTD. as well as across the Group among NEUVE A CO., LTD., PARCO SPACE SYSTEMS CO. LTD., and PARCO-CITY CO. LTD. The decline in net income was the result of the decision to close Chiba PARCO (scheduled for November 2016), which was made in consideration of changes to the commercial environment and outlook.
At PARCO, the strengthening of core stores as a result of increases in PARCO store and ZERO GATE locations in Fukuoka and Nagoya contributed to increases in sales and profits. Looking ahead, we are making steady progress in implementing our business strategy. For the first time in our history, PARCO will be advancing into the Kyoto and Kobe areas with the announcement of plans to establish ZERO GATE stores in each region. Additionally, our urban development plan proposal to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for the Shibuya PARCO area as a special urban renaissance district was approved in December, and has moved into the specific planning phase.
NEUVE A CO., LTD. posted robust earnings due to the strong performance of existing locations and the opening of 16 new locations in addition to the five excellent locations acquired in the center of Osaka’s commercial district in Q2 to grow the TiCTAC business. Increases in orders for interior construction work and electrical work at retail stores at PARCO SPACE SYSTEMS CO. LTD., and web development orders at PARCO CITY CO. LTD. also led to positive overall results.
Through these initiatives, PARCO Group is pursuing aggressive forward-looking strategies while further strengthening trend communication and store selection and developing attractive stores that put smiles on the faces of customers from all over the world. We ask for the continued understanding and support of our many stakeholders as we move forward.
Through the combined efforts of our Group companies, PARCO Group is pursuing aggressive forward-looking strategies while further strengthening trend communication and store selection, and developing the captivating stores that customers from all over the world have come to associate with us. We ask for the continued support of the PARCO Group’s many stakeholders in our activities moving forward

Kozo Makiyama
President and Representative Executive Officer

(The full text can be read in the attached PDF or the PARCO website.)