Internal Controls and the PARCO Management System

As a Company with Auditors, our company will work to strengthen internal control by establishing a system to assure the suitability of our company and group's operations regarding factors such as the efficiency and effectiveness of these operations, the credibility of our financial reports, the legal compliance of our business activities, and preservation of company assets.
The Board of Directors engages in concrete discussions, debates, makes decisions regarding management issues of the entire Group and audits the business administration practiced by all Group companies. The adoption of the Executive Officer system helped to separate the business administration decision-making process from the execution of business operations and to make decision-making process more agile.
In addition, we are to work to provide a cross-organizational risk management system centered on our Compliance Committee and Risk Management Committee that, in addition to identifying and assessing the risks entailed by corporate activities, taking countermeasures against them and heightening our internal awareness of them, is capable of a swift response to risk-related occurrences through emergency action including taskforce deployment and information management.
Under the PARCO's VISION and PURPOSE, PARCO maintains good relationships with all stakeholders including local communities, customers, and business partners, and create and provide value that satisfies them, thereby achieving continual growth and a medium- to long-term enhancement of corporate value.

The PARCO Management System

One of the characteristics of our management system is that we adopt a Company with Auditors system and have a Nominating and Compensation Committee in addition to the Board of Directors and Auditors.

  • Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors is to strive for a sustained increase in corporate value. The Board is to determine a strategic direction for the company, provide an environment conducive to risk management and assure a high degree of supervision over Directors and Executive Officers.

  • Nominating and Compensation Committee ​

    The Nominating and Compensation Committee consults with the Board of Directors regarding the appointment and dismissal of directors and executive officers, as well as compensation, while maintaining objectivity and transparency.

  • Auditors

    The Auditors establish the Auditors Council consisting of all Auditors. The effectiveness of audits is ensured by enhancing regular meetings with the Representative Director and opportunities for regular explanations and reports from the Internal Audit Office and accounting auditors.

Updated April 17, 2024