Partnership with Stakeholders

The PARCO Group works toward its sustainable goals by strengthening partnerships with all stakeholders, including creators, artists, tenants, customers, and other companies with which we do business, and by promoting initiatives to earn their trust and satisfaction.

Towards Customers, Service Improvement Initiatives in PARCO Stores

Our salespeople and our staff who work at our information desks in our stores pass on to us questions and comments they receive from customers. This information, together with customer complaints received via phone calls, letters or e-mail are all entered into a database. All this data is shared throughout our company and forms the basis for service improvement.

Improvements to restrooms, powder rooms and nursing rooms

Reflecting our customers' opinions, we are adding new nursing rooms and restrooms, as well as upgrading existing facilities.
At PARCO_ya, we presented a relaxing, comfortable space using cypress wood, with the theme of “natural comfort.” The third- and fifth-floor restrooms and the baby care room in Shinsaibashi PARCO were designed for comfort and stress-free use by diverse customers. On the fifth floor men’s and women’s restrooms, a powder room, a unisex restroom, and a multipurpose (all-gender) restroom were established, as steps were taken to distribute functions. Information signs are monotone colors that do not distinguish between genders.
At Shinsaibash PARCO 5th floor steps were taken to distribute functions
At Shinsaibash PARCO 5th floor steps were taken to distribute functions
Shinsaibash PARCO 3th floor powder room
Shinsaibash PARCO 3th floor powder room

Stroller lending

We have strollers within our stores, to lend to customers who require them.

First-aid room

We have a first-aid room at our stores to assist any customers who might require medical assistance.

Smoking room

We have smoking areas for customers.
In addition to gender-neutral smoking areas, we set up women’s only smoking areas in the women’s restrooms at Fukuoka PARCO New Building and Sendai PARCO2.
Women’s only smoking area at Sendai PARCO2
Women’s only smoking area at Sendai PARCO2

Initiatives Based on an Equal Partnership with Our Store Tenants

Our store activities are based on a model of equal partnership. As part of this, we maintain close communication with tenant staff to address problems and develop new solutions and expand opportunities for trainings and other programs.
PARCO’s equal partnership approach to our store tenants extends to landowners as well. We believe that a fair and equal relationship alongside a mutual sharing of values contributes to the growth and development of both PARCO and our partners.

PARCO Association activities

At PARCO, we base our store activities on "equal partnership" with the approximately 800 companies and 2,050 tenants within our stores, so that everyone can grow together.
The PARCO Association, formed from the tenants, promotes the maintenance and development of this relationship. PARCO and the PARCO Association members work together to make a contribution to local communities and achieve mutual prosperity, in the spirit of this equal partnership.
PARCO Association activities

Tenant staff support system

All the staff standing on the sales floors at PARCO value our customers. We offer staff various training programs to better equip them to make decisions and act on their own.
Staff receive customer service training designed to sharpen their customer service abilities, enabling them to pick up on customers’ needs and offer them proposals for an enjoyable shopping experience. In addition, we have also introduced social media training, where they learn how to use social media to build the shop’s fan base. For shop managers who are struggling with how to develop and guide staff, we have launched human resource retention training. Our education and training programs are based on real-world situations to enable staff to enjoy working on our sales floors with a sense of fulfillment.
In addition, each store is actively involved in providing opportunities for the development of staff skills through programs that include the “Shine-as-a-team ★ customer-service role-play contest” designed to improve the service-delivery ability of an entire service team.
Tsudanuma PARCO social media training
Tsudanuma PARCO social media training
Ikebukuro PARCO role-playing contest winners
Ikebukuro PARCO role-playing contest winners

Improvements to work environments

PARCO is actively promoting improvements to work environments. Initiatives including renovations of break rooms and the addition of convenience stores and private phone booths will allow shop staff to focus on their work with customers.

Measures to leverage ICT to improve customer relations and reduce operational workloads

PARCO and tenant shops use the PARCO SC Groupware communication tool to reduce the burden of management operations.
Orientation training using web videos
PARCO and tenant shops have also introduced an online video to provide orientation training for all shop staff on the sales floors. This enables staff to study at any time, so they can use short periods of free time for training even when they are often too busy to attend formal sessions.
Online videos for orientation training
Online videos for orientation training
Information website for shop staff "SUTEKI LABO"
SUTEKI LABO, the dedicated website for PARCO shop staff, is filled with information that can typically only be learned by taking part in group training seminars; staff can use their PCs or smartphones to watch how-to videos on customer service and other relevant topics.
24-hour "Support Chatbot"
PARCO has introduced a "Support Chatbot" that allows AI to answer questions from shop staff immediately 24 hours a day. At the same time as being able to quickly respond to questions about daily operations from many shop staff, it helps to reduce the work of PARCO staff and improve communication between shop staff and PARCO store staff.
Improving customer service through "POCKET PARCO"
Tenant staff members receive daily “shop service rating” (five-star evaluations and comments) collected from registered customers through the PARCO original smartphone app “POCKET PARCO.” Words of praise from customers as well as things customers would like to see and other messages are also shared with staff, providing motivation in day-to-day activities and sparking sales floor improvement.
Fiscal 2017 “POCKET PARCO Customer Service Evaluation Service” Results
Fiscal 2017 “POCKET PARCO Customer Service Evaluation Service” Results

The PARCO credo (guidelines for shop staff)

PARCO has established a credo – a set of guidelines for shop staff – to set the tone for every customer-facing action performed by PARCO staff and tenants.
By acting in accordance with the credo, we aim to improve the quality of the customer experience at PARCO as a whole.

The PARCO credo

To impress the customer, we have to be impressive.

1: Do you value your own individual qualities?
There is no manual that teaches you to read a customer’s needs and then provide service that exceeds their expectations. It is your charm and qualities as an individual which really wows them.

2: Do you value honesty and integrity?
An honest smile, cheerful greetings, and appreciative words will create good will in customers, and indeed anyone else you encounter. Creating a good connection with other people will also make yourself feel good.

3: Do you value your coworkers?
If you didn’t work at PARCO, you might never have met your coworkers.
Share information with everyone and teach each other new things. Believe in each other and help each other to grow. Never forget the invaluable friendship that binds all PARCO employees together.

"PARCO shop staff and compliance hotline"

In addition to the reporting system for employees, this new help-desk for tenant employees to use to discuss or report rule or compliance violations by our company was set up in 2010. This help-desk is for all tenant employees who work in shops in PARCO. The aims of the help-desk are to eliminate violations of workplace rules, and by enabling tenant employees to work with peace of mind day by day, it can create a workplace that is easier to work in.

Principles of Action for Suppliers

J. Front Retailing has formulated the Principles of Action for Suppliers to indicate its stance on corporate behavior leading to creation of a sustainable society, which will be realized along with suppliers.
JFR corporate site link : Supply Chain Policy (Principles of Action for Suppliers) 
Updated Jan. 24, 2023