PARCO's Advantage

PARCO has a customer base of highly discerning consumers across Japan’s major cities and offers concepts, services, and spaces that meet their needs. By providing a selection of services at commercial facilities, PARCO proposes enriching lifestyles for urban dwellers.
Parco's primary advantage is the superiority of our business model and stable revenue structure. Through PARCO stores such as Shibuya PARCO, we will discover and support new talent and create new value.
Since its founding, PARCO has been introducing new cultural contributions in theater, music, and art, and through the Entertainment Business we are working to create added value and contribute to the enhancement of our corporate brand by communicating information on popular topics.
The online magazine ACROSS, which was launched in 1977 and has since transitioned from a monthly print magazine to online, provides PARCO and its group companies with data and marketing expertise on Tokyo's youth and fashion culture, and receives commissions from domestic and international companies, organizations and universities.