Corporate History

1953 February Established Ikebukuro Station Building Co., Ltd.
1954 October With the capital participation of Marubutsu Co., Ltd., the Company shifted operations from the management of the Ikebukuro Station Building to the operation of department stores
1957 May Changed company name to Tokyo Marubutsu Co., Ltd.
December Started operation of department store under the name Tokyo Marubutsu
1963 July Tokyo Marubutsu Co., Ltd. became registered stock with the Osaka Securities Dealers Association
1969 June Tokyo Marubutsu closed; commenced preparations for the establishment of PARCO store.
November Opened Ikebukuro PARCO
1970 April Changed company name to PARCO CO., LTD.
1973 May Opened Seibu Theater(later renamed PARCO Theater)
June Opened Shibuya PARCO
1975 August Opened Sapporo PARCO
1980 September Opened Kichijoji PARCO
1981 September Opened Shibuya PARCO PART3
1984 August Opened Matsumoto PARCO
1987 January Stock listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
1988 August Stock listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
September Established PARCO PROMOTION CO., LTD.
1989 April Launched PEC Card
May Opened Chofu PARCO
June Opened Nagoya PARCO
1991 September Acquired stake in SEIDENKO CO., LTD.
November Established PARCO (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
1993 October Opened Hibarigaoka PARCO
1994 March Opened Ikebukuro P’PARCO
April Opened Hiroshima PARCO
1996 April Expanded floor space of Matsumoto PARCO
1998 November Opened Nagoya PARCO South Building
2000 March Established PARCO-CITY CO., LTD.
September Merged SEIDENKO CO., LTD. and PARCO PROMOTIONS CO., LTD.; adopted new corporate name of PARCO SPACE SYSTEMS CO., LTD.
2001 September Opened Hiroshima PARCO Annex
2002 April Opened Shibuya ZERO GATE
2003 May Adopted "Company with Committees System"(current "Company with nominating committee, etc")
2005 February Opened Pedi SHIODOME
2006 March Credit card PEC Card renamed as PARCO Card
2007 March Opened Shizuoka PARCO
October Opened Urawa PARCO
2008 August Opened Sendai PARCO
2010 March Opened Fukuoka PARCO
2011 April Complex format of Shibuya ZERO GATE changed
2014 November Opened Fukuoka PARCO New Building
2015 March Opened Fukuoka PARCO Main Building Extension
Opened Nagoya PARCO midi
2016 July Opened Sendai PARCO2
August Temporary closure of Shibuya PARCO
2017 March PARCO-CITY CO., LTD. changed company name to PARCO Digital Marketing CO.,LTD.
November Opened PARCO_ya Ueno
2019 March Opened Kinshicho PARCO
June Opened SAN-A Urasoe West Coast PARCO CITY
November Reopened Shibuya PARCO
2020 March Became a wholly owned subsidiary of J. FRONT RETAILING
Be delisted the Company's shares from the Tokyo Stock Exchange
September Succeeded the real estate business (with some exception)
of Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores
November Opened Shinsaibashi PARCO
2023 March Succeeded to the Development Business (with some exception) of PARCO to J. Front City Development Co., Ltd.
Updated March 1, 2024