"Next Generation Commercial Space" Shibuya PARCO

On November 22, 2019, the new Shibuya PARCO was born.
Its realization is the result of the pursuit of new challenges and new forms of evolution by each PARCO Group company and each business, and the contribution of their expertise Its structure brings together elements that have been cultivated throughout PARCO’s history, such as “fashion”, “art & culture” and “entertainment,” and elements such as “food” and “technology” that capture a sense of the times.
Since its launch in 1973, Shibuya PARCO has communicated cultural trends through entertainment and lifestyle proposals for urban consumers and has been the driving force behind PARCO’s brand image as its main store.
A melting pot of cultures and values, Shibuya is an area rich in variety and individuality. In recent years, it has attracted increasing numbers of international visitors as the center point of a distinctive culture and there are high expectations for its further development as one of the world’s most recognizable urban areas. Shibuya PARCO has been a part of Shibuya’s growth, stimulating the city of Shibuya and being stimulated by it, furthering its overall development. The new Shibuya PARCO will continue to represent PARCO’s brand image as its main store and will contribute to further enlivening the local area.
Shibuya PARCO

Five Building Blocks of Shibuya PARCO

Shibuya PARCO has a lineup of around 190 shops rich in personality. These are structured around the five key areas of “fashion,” “art & culture,” “entertainment,” “food,” and “technology”. Floors are arranged so that there is always a mix of all five elements, such that they reinforce each other and heighten each other’s appeal.

Five Building Blocks of Shibuya PARCO


We believe in the value of fashion.
Instead of focusing just on the big and famous, we look for brands that have something interesting about them, and have some kind of original edge. Shibuya PARCO hosts around 100 fascinating shops, representing a wide variety of Tokyo styles, including luxury, contemporary, street, casual, vintage, and more. Our aim is to lead consumers to rediscover the fun of fashion, and to be a building that fashionistas from across the world can enjoy.
We have made a select sales floor as part of our efforts to incubate the next generation of fashion designers and brands. PARCO provides retailers with a finished interior, as well as shared check outs and fitting rooms. PARCO facilitates talented and ambitious designers active in Tokyo, by allowing them to run pop up shops, as part of a contract with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
Additionally, as an impetus for sustainable fashion, we gathered together shops featuring a variety of services, including cleaners that use environmentally friendly wet cleaning methods, specialist garment repairers, and discerning, specialist secondhand dealers.


PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO is a museum space centered around art, design, and fashion, and focused on creating exhibitions that find new and original things and experiences out of nothing. GALLERY X's cutting edge, borderless collection by the PARCO team finds fresh new angles on everything. In addition to these galleries, several shops which function as galleries, and art & culture in various other forms are ​present. In addition, the 6th floor forms a zone for spreading Japanese Culture. On this floor, we have created a base for spreading cyber subculture, bringing together major Japanese rights holders. This space communicates trends not only to Japanese, but also global audiences.



PARCO offers high quality entertainment to visitors through PARCO Theater—the nucleus from which PARCO culture radiates and a cultural cornerstone of the redevelopment project—and a diverse lineup of other entertainment venues. These include WHITE CINE QUINTO, a mini theatre directly operated by PARCO, and QUATTRA LABO, a music café and bar produced by the live entertainment venue CLUB QUATTRO.

Fover at PARCO Theater (photo: Futoshi Osako)
Fover at PARCO Theater (photo: Futoshi Osako)


Food is a crucial part of the building's charm. The building’s line up has been curated in line with the concept of “a place to gather, form a community, and enjoy time and space.”
CHAOS KITCHEN, the main restaurant floor on the 1st floor basement is based around the concept of “food, music, and culture”. This floor features 21 new food and drink venues in addition to a sprinkling of record shops and festival goods shops that add just the right amount of “unpredictability” to the space, creating the “CHAOS” food and drink zone.

Music Cafe and Bar QUATTRO LABO
Music Cafe and Bar QUATTRO LABO


Shibuya PARCO presents new ways of communicating and new paradigms in shopping for consumers in the digital age.
The omnichannel marketplace PARCO CUBE combines e-commerce with traditional over-the-counter sales. The challenge we set for ourselves with the 11 small-size shops in PARCO CUBE was to combine smaller shops with more restricted sales floors and inventories, and digital technology, in order to create a retail zone where consumers can discover the products they want.
As NEXT stores, with enhanced show room functionalities, the stores focus on strategic items and limited-edition products, while managing other goods using digital technology, and retailing them through PARCO’s online store. Consumers can engage in stress-free shopping by sending data directly to their portable device using large signage in common areas, or signage within specific stores, and so allowing them to buy at any time online goods that are not available in stores.

We will also be hosting spatial presentations in the stairwell on the 5th floor, using computer generated 3D graphic creative pieces delivered via smartphone and other devices, giving visitors the sense that the pieces really exist in that space.
In addition, we have also introduced cafés and showroom style shops that enable more personalized experiences through technology.
Utilizing the Smart Receipt service (Toshiba TEC Corporation), a receipt management application that delivers electronic receipts to smartphones, we provide digital receipt services to users of PARCO’s official application POCKET PARCO.

※The electronic receipt service is intended for use in retail shops (some shops are not eligible for service).
※Smart Receipt is a registered trademark of Toshiba TEC Corporation.

The signage of PARCO CUBE
The signage of PARCO CUBE

Strengthening the PARCO brand to achieve our long-term vision

PARCO formulated a long-term vision with the goal of being ‘a business group that prospers in urban markets’ and we are currently advancing business strategies in order to achieve it. Our aim in formulating the vision was to fully understand recent major changes to domestic and international markets as well as to consumer attitudes, and to turn these into business opportunities.
The purpose of opening the new Shibuya PARCO, which was realized through various efforts based on the evolution of the know-how and technologies of each Group Company and business, is also to strengthen the PARCO brand in order to achieve this long-term vision.

Social role initiatives in Shibuya PARCO

PARCO has contributed to "incubation," "urban revitalization," and “trends communication” since its opening. In so doing, it sought to both stimulate the city of Shibuya, and be stimulated by it, furthering its overall development. These three areas are the DNA of our company, and they are our starting point, and, it could be said, are the principles by which PARCO continues to develop.
PARCO embodies this social role in various ways at Shibuya PARCO.

Next Generation Human Resource Development

PARCO will develop the next generation of talent by forming a future-oriented creative industry.
The multifaceted, 3D exterior structure of Shibuya PARCO represents “a collection of gemstones.” Incorporating different shapes and elements (ideas/techniques) to draw the whole together into a single soul, the structure is a call to incubation and innovation.

1.Discover next generation creators

GAKU, a creative school for teens, was established within the 9th floor creative studio with the aim of fostering new talent. In April 2020, PARCO entered a business and capital alliance agreement with Inspire High, a distributor of educational content, and will provide its online education services to teens using as its base.

2.New forms of collaboration between industry, government, academia and the private sector

The City of Shibuya has moved the Future Design Shibuya office to the new PARCO building.

Contributing to the local area

By creating the reborn Shibuya PARCO as a global shopping complex for a new generation, PARCO is contributing to the further enlivenment of Shibuya. From the planning stage, Shibuya PARCO was designated as part of a special urban renaissance district by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and now, having opened, it is implementing various measures to contribute to urban revitalization.

1.Creating a walkable environment and lively atmosphere in Shibuya

We have created a pedestrian network that increases foot traffic and energizes the town by developing the surrounding sidewalks and creating open spaces within our premises. Storefront promotions are designed to create a lively atmosphere and the store serves as a hub for cultivating fashion and theater culture and communicating trends.

2.We are tacklinge local issues such as on-street deliveries and bicycle parking, which obstruct pedestrians, and improving disaster prevention and reducing our environmental impact.

(Concrete Measures)
・Development of a common delivery zone for the area
・Establishment of bicycle parking spaces within the building
・Provision of support facilities for people unable to return home in a disaster

3.The architectural design of Shibuya PARCO akes inspiration from the hills and streets that define Shibuya. The building’s pathways and stairs spiral up from Spain-zaka to the 10th floor along its exterior (3D paths), creating a connection between the building and the city of Shibuya.

By incorporating the contours of the city’s streets and slopes, we intend to create a next generation “City” unique to Shibuya.

3.The architectural design of Shibuya PARCO akes inspiration from the hills and streets that define Shibuya. The building’s pathways and stairs spiral up from Spain-zaka to the 10th  floor along its exterior (3D paths), creating a connection between the building and the city of Shibuya.

Environmentally Conscious Next Generation Building

PARCO is proactively addressing environmental issues in order to fulfill our corporate responsibility to realize a sustainable society.
Our efforts to promote energy efficiency through the use of digital signage to display the building’s energy consumption and conditions affecting comfort outside, and our promotion of energy-efficient building management through the introduction of a highly efficient gas cogeneration system have resulted in our selection as a Leading Project (CO2 Leading Type) for sustainable buildings by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Environmentally Conscious Next Generation Building

Outline of the plan

PARCO began planning reconstruction work for Shibuya PARCO in 2007. PARCO submitted a proposal to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for planning of the area including Shibuya PARCO Part 1 and Part 3 as a special urban renaissance district. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government gave public notice of its approval of the project on December 17, 2015. With that, progress was made on planning for the project as an urban area redevelopment project. The decision was taken to temporarily close Shibuya PARCO for reconstruction in line with the development plan, and its final day of operation was August 7, 2016. Following a successful demolition, construction of the new Shibuya PARCO officially began on May 17, 2017.
Following a two-and-a-half-year construction period, the new Shibuya PARCO opened in November of 2019, the 50th anniversary of the opening of Ikebukuro PARCO in 1969.

※Special urban renaissance district is a system based on the Act on Special Measures for Urban Revitalization which has the set goal of promoting urban revitalization through relaxing restrictions on projects that contribute to urban renewal.

Shibuya PARCO Overview

15-1, Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Commercial floor area
Approximately 42,000 ㎡
Floor number
Commercial: basement to 9th floor, part of 10th floor (entire building: basement 3rd floor to 19th floor)
November 22, 2019
Updated Feb. 24, 2021