Promotion of Diversity

PARCO is supported by people, namely our employees. Our people make full use of their knowledge and spirit to ensure that they continue to provide customers with innovative solutions. This, in turn, earns PARCO the support of both our tenants and their customers. We understand that crafting an environment where every employee can contribute to the fullest is important to all stakeholders, and that is why PARCO is advancing internal systems to promote diversity and cultivate an open corporate culture.

Diversity Management

PARCO Group promotes diversity management based on the belief that employees with diverse backgrounds, values, personalities and abilities across age, nationality, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation play an active role in creating new value through collaboration, which contributes to the improvement, development and growth of corporate value.

Promoting dynamic participation of women

The PARCO Group views efforts to promote greater participation by women as vital, taking steps to embed career seminars, management training sessions and work-life management internally throughout PARCO; we also pursue measures to comply with Japan’s Act of Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace (Advancement of Women Act).

PARCO promote participation by women through a variety of initiatives. We recognize that encouraging shorter working hours by promoting the use of paid leave and improving the percentage of women in managerial positions will go far in helping to resolve issues pertaining to female participation. Together with enacting measures to encourage taking leave, we formulated an action plan in response to the Advancement of Women Act that includes cultivating female managerial candidates, providing opportunities for boosting the career consciousness of young female employees, and creating a workplace more conducive for employees with time constraints.

Action plan based on the Advancement of Women Act
Participation in cross-industry consortiums
PARCO takes active part in and shares information from cross-industry consortiums and other projects focused on work and female career education and work-life balance.

Lecture for women on successfully balancing work and childrearing

Lecture for women on successfully balancing work
and childrearing

Support for a childcare/nursing care and work balance

PARCO supports employees to balance childcare / nursing care and work.
As a result of various systems and fostering an in-house atmosphere, the return-to-work rate after fiscal 2012 after maternity and childcare leave has been 100%. Besides, PARCO has made changes to its Employee Work/Life Balance Support System in accordance with January 2017 amendments to Japan’s Child Care and Family Care Leave Law, and has expanded some systems beyond what is stipulated by law.
Systems beyond those stipulated by law
*Systems not outlined here also fulfill legal requirements

1) Systems for use during pregnancy

Mitigation of working hours during pregnancy Working time can be reduced by up to an hour per day, paid.
Revival of expired annual paid leave days Expired annual paid leave days from the previous year can be revived and taken.

2) Systems for use during childbirth

Spouse maternity leave Three days of paid leave can be taken when a spouse enters childbirth (including common law spouses).
Spouse postpartum childcare leave Up to 4 weeks of leave may be taken within 8 weeks after spouse has given birth.

3) Systems for use during childcare/nursing care

Childcare leave This leave can also be extended until the child is two years old in certain cases, such as when the child cannot get a place at a daycare facility.
Nursing care leave Up to a year’s leave can be taken per applicable family member, which can be divided into as many as three separate spells.
System for requesting a specific department upon return to work Employees can request a specific department to return to after taking childcare or nursing care leave. In principle, they cannot be transferred from this department for two years after returning.
Childcare time off (paid) Working hours can be reduced by up to an hour per day paid, applicable until the child turns one-year-old.
Reduced working hours for childcare Working hours can be reduced by up to two hours per day, applicable until the child enters junior high school.
Reduced working hours for nursing care Working hours can be reduced by up to two hours per day while nursing care is required, without limits to length or number of spells required.
System for selecting reduced hours or holidays Up to two hours per day designated for reduced working hours can be converted into holidays instead. It is also possible to take a combination of reduced hours and holidays.
System for selecting workplace location Employees with children till high school or with a family member needing nursing care can select the region within which their workplace is located in order to avoid moving.
System for re-employment of former employees Employees who resign due to childcare, nursing care responsibilities or spouse's transfer who apply and have their application accepted can take advantage of a system that allows their rehiring within five years of leaving.

General Employer Action Plan (5th phase) based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children

We have set period between December 2020 and February 2024 as the 5th phase of our targets to promote utilization of systems supporting work and childcare (nursing care) balance, provision of employment environment in working style. To achieve those targets, we have enacted measures that promote reviewing working styles and awareness of systems work and childcare (nursing care) balance.

Our “General employer action plan (5th phase)” based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children

LGBT Related Systems

To foster a corporate culture where our unique personnel can generate new ideas through diverse work styles, PARCO promotes initiatives to realize a diverse organization that is free of prejudice against the LGBT community.
As part of our efforts to create an environment and structure that allows all employees to express their individuality while enjoying a fulfilling career, we have established LGBT-related regulations and a leave system.

LGBT Consultation Center
A consultation center has been established for inquiries about LGBT-related workspace issues and systems.

Same-Sex Partnership System
PARCO has established a same-sex partnership system in which same-sex partners are recognized as having a relationship equivalent to marriage. By completing the appropriate company procedures, the current employment rules and regulations regarding “marital status” and “spousal status” become applicable. In addition, the same rights are recognized for de facto heterosexual marriages.

Gender Transition Support Leave
Employees who take a leave of absence for hormone therapy, gender confirmation surgery, or pre- and post- operative medical examinations may use any expired annual paid leave arising from the most recent two-year period.

Seminars for management

Seminars aimed at shifting management mindset have been held to encourage the growth and success of our diverse workforce, along with a streamlined work-life balance. For example, in September 2019 an external lecturer hosted a seminar detailing the diversity of gender identity and sexual orientation titled “Understanding LGBT Issues.”

Introducing ‘Peer Bonus’ System

In September 2022, PARCO officially introduced the ‘Peer Bonus’ system following a one-year trial period. The system aims to increase ‘encouraging communication’ and foster a corporate culture that promotes mutual assistance and cooperation. In the ‘Peer Bonus’ system, employees openly exchange rewards and words of appreciation, helping increase the visibility of daily work performance by creating opportunities to highlight work for which results may be difficult to see, modest organizational contributions, or work completed remotely that may be overlooked. This system deepens mutual understanding horizontally and vertically and also within and outside PARCO, creating a work environment where each employee can be respected and enjoy job satisfaction.

Employee Work/Life Balance Support System

PARCO supports employees' work/life balance by reviewing work styles. We also believe it is important to provide an environment where individual employees feel motivated to make use of their talents. We are therefore working to create systems and an environment to secure diversity and to promote the creation of a corporate culture.​

Promoting a review of working styles

Flexi-time system
PARCO’s flexi-time system, which enables more effective and flexible working, was introduced, as part of our efforts to improve employee work-life balance. In May 2020, we further enhanced the system, eliminating core-time and enabling employees to leave work for short periods for personal matters. The system makes it possible to adjust daily schedules to fit both work and personal plans, creating a more employee-friendly environment.
Under the flexi-time system, employees have become more conscious of working time, which has led to improvements in efficiency.
Encourage holiday time
We are working on creating an environment for ‘focused work and relaxing time off’. For employees to fully exercise their potential, PARCO has established health management leave to support preventative health awareness among employees, along with early detection and treatment of illnesses, with the aim of maintaining and promoting good health. PARCO actively encourages employees to take holidays by holding an annual ‘holiday promotion day’ and recommending that each division does the same.

Supporting Work Styles That Do Not Require a Specific Workplace

In addition to mobile work, which enables hourly productivity increases through initiatives such as making use of travel time, PARCO also promotes satellite office work so that employees can choose their work environment according to their individual circumstances. Also we have introduced a work-from-home system to support balance between the personal circumstances of individual employees and their work, and to ensure business continuation in the event of an emergency.

Utilization and expansion of ICT
We are promoting communication and faster and more intense operations through the utilization and expansion of ICT.
• Renew internal Groupware with the introductionofcloud services, etc.
• Provide all employees with mobile PCs and smartphones
• Promote internal exchanges and flexible workstyles (expand web meetings, partially introduce free addresses, establish free working spaces and concentration areas)

Briefing on systems utilized for telecommuting

Briefing on systems utilized for telecommuting

Workation System
To make it easier for employees to take extended time off and refresh both their bodies and minds, the Workation System was introduced in July 2021. This system enables employees to temporarily telework while on vacation, including when visiting family or traveling, allowing for more diverse workstyles than ever before.

Supporting Diverse Work Styles

Second Job Program
The Second Job Program was introduced as one of our new working styles in February 2019 with the aim of promoting employee growth and encouraging autonomy within the company. It includes internal efforts focused on revitalization (facilitating innovation), recruitment and retention of diverse personnel and opportunities to demonstrate diversity of talent.
Experiences outside of the company, including second jobs, provide opportunities for employees to grow their perspectives and personal networks. Employee growth in turn spurs internal innovation, leading to growth of the company as a whole.
The Second Job Program enables employees to achieve self-fulfillment through work while encouraging diversity in the company’s recruitment.

Human Resources Development Initiatives

We are engaged in implementing educational programs and cross-border educational programs at other companies geared for different career paths and areas, with the aim of equipping each one of our staff with stronger skills and higher motivation. We are also implementing an educational rotating system that periodically rotates staff between various departments, business areas, and regions, allowing them to widen their horizons and to strengthen their adaptability. Through a variety of workshops, we are working to introduce a competency and ability based career progress system.

Human Resources Development Initiatives

Administration Division

In addition to the rotating system, PARCO is working hard to support our employees’ capacity for development through providing a wide range of training, cross-border education and opportunities for self-development.

Main training implementation

1) New employees
Induction training (e-learning, training trips), pre-assignment training (approximately two months), follow-up training
2) Young mid-level employees
Business skills training, tutor training (for new employee training), next-generation leadership training, industry placement training, business school support, support for attending external public seminars
3) Other
Department-specific skills training, female leadership training, management training, compliance training, market inspection training, cross-border education at other companies, e-learning/distance learning, financial reward for obtaining qualifications/paid examination fees

Career Consultation Hotline

The Career Consultation Hotline was established in September 2021 in support of employees gaining awareness to proactively develop their careers. Employees can consult the hotline about their future career development and career choices as well as their current work, work life balance and work styles.

Reference charts

Trend in employee numbers, ratio of men vs women


Employee numbers by gender/trend in ratio of female employees (total of both full and contract employees)

男女別社員数/女性比率推移(正社員・契約社員 計)

Trends in length of employment (at end of each year)


Trend in ratio of women in management positions


Trend in mid-career hiring ratio of regular employees (publication of mid-career hiring ratio based on the Labor Policy Comprehensive Promotion Act)

正規雇用労働者の中途採用比率 (労働施策総合推進法に基づく中途採用比率の公表)

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