Action plan based on the Advancement of Women Act

PARCO CO., LTD has formulated an action plan based on The Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace as detailed below.

1. Plan period

March 1, 2021 – March 31, 2026

2. Target indicators and initiatives

1) FY 2025: Average of 15 days annual paid leave taken (eight days as of February 2021)
Specific target initiatives
・ Promotion of taking consecutive vacations
・ Consideration of introducing an anniversary leave and refreshment leave system (examination of incentives for those who take paid leave)
・ Setting of paid leave acquisition promotion period
・ Strengthen efforts to department heads

2) FY 2025: Women in more than 30% of managerial roles (20.0% as of February 2021)
Specific target initiatives
・ Implementation of career design training (cultivation of career ownership for employees regardless of gender)
・ Implementation of individual interviews (early awareness of future manager candidates)
・ Holding group forums with female managers in the company and employees who have experienced balancing childcare and work as panelists
・ Examination of training for men to raise female managers
・ Promotion of normalization of telework (strengthening flexibility of working place and time)
・ Various initiatives linked with the Sustainability Promotion Department

Formulated on February 28, 2021
Updated Apr. 9, 2021