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December 2016

Chiba PARCO closed on business

Updated Dec. 02, 2016

Chiba PARCO closed on business



Closing ceremony

Chiba PARCO closed on business on November 30, 2016.

On the last business day, many customers lined up in front of Chiba PARCO before it opened. The last sale was held at each shop in the store and many customers enjoyed shopping. Also, we distributed a commemorating postcards designed Chiba PARCO and PARCO Bus which operated between JR Chiba Station and Chiba PARCO for customers.

After closing at 20:30, we held a closing ceremony to give our customers the last greeting. The store manager Ueda told gratitude to everyone who has patronized Chiba PARCO, and after that, the door of the entrance was closed with applause from customers.

When closing Chiba PARCO, we got many massages from many customers over generations who missed closing and encouragement.
Thank you very much for your support and patronage for over 40 years since opening in December 1976.