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November 2016

Supported young designer's fashion show

Updated Nov. 16, 2016

Supported young designer's fashion show


PARCO supported the fashion show "FASHION PORT NEW EAST" by members of the young designer group "Tokyo New Age" held at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo.

"FASHION PORT NEW EAST" is a fashion show by young designers who participate in the project "Tokyo New Age" that PARCO has supported as part of incubation activities so far.
Designers who had held shows as 'Tokyo New Age' until the Spring / Summer Collection of 2016, held in an independent form to further grow.

"Shibukaru Autumn Festival ~Let's meet at Shibuya anyway~"

Updated Nov. 11, 2016

"Shibukaru Autumn Festival ~Let's meet at Shibuya anyway~"


October 21, we held "Shibukaru Autumn Festival ~Let's meet at Shibuya anyway~" at Shibuya Club Quattro.


"Shibukaru Autumn Festival" of this time, creators showed live music, film screenings, DJ, Fashion Show Food sales and merchandising at Shibuya Club Quattro . More than 1,000 customers came and enjoyed this event.


In addition, we put up the 160 sheets of poster designed by 40 creators around the street of Shibuya and showed image video of Shibukaru Festival in the large street visions in order to be seen their works by a lot of people.


"Shibukaru Festival" is an event that female creators can express themselves. We gathered a total of over 1,000 creators, providing Shibuya PARCO as a space for expression from 2011.

We held "Shibukaru Festival" twice in this year, before and after Shibuya PARCO's closing, to continue to communicating with customers while its temporaly closing.

Nagoya PARCO held "Nagoparu Culture Festival"

Updated Nov. 10, 2016

Nagoya PARCO held "Nagoparu Culture Festival"

Nagoya PARCO held "Nagoparu Culture Festival" from October 1 to October 23, 2016.

"Nagoparu Culture Festival" is event that introduces attractions of creators, writers and local companys under the theme of "young new talent discovery" and "proposal of pleasure that makes new discovery". This was 4th time that Nagoya PARCO held this event.

In Parco Gallery which was the main site, "N:BOOK STORE" that is the local culture magazine "N:BOOK" produced shop opened. The number of 17 stores from Tokai area gatherd and sold sundries, clothes, painting and books etc.
Also, Select 23 stores launched limited items collaborated with N:BOOK.
In Nagoya PARCO, POP-UP shops by creators that gathered from various place in Tokai area opened for the duration of this event.


By discovering and supporting new talent, we are, by extension, creating new value.
Nagoya PARCO will continue to discover young creators and introduce Nagoya's attaraction.