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April 2017

MEETSCAL STORE collaborated with "mintdesigns"

Updated Apr. 19, 2017

MEETSCAL STORE collaborated with "mintdesigns"

PARCO runs its directly managed shop, produces original product, and sells products in real store "MEETSCAL STORE" and online.
MEETSCAL STORE has released a product collaborated with "mintdesigns", a designer brand from Tokyo, and a stationery maker "HIGHTIDE" in Fukuoka.

"mintdesigns" is a brand that conceives of clothing as a form of timeless product design that is not limited to thecategory of fashion.
In addition, "HIGHTIDE" is a goods maker designing stationery such as notebooks.
This time, we created products by imagining stationery placed in a corner of a bookstore with the theme of "bookstore in somewhere".
PARCO launched once A month, our first directly managed shop, in Fukuoka PARCO in 2010. After that, we have collaborated with over 500 manufacturers and creators so far with focusing on making unique products..