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December 2019

VR Content Awards NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019 Finalists and other exhibitions will be held at Shibuya PARCO

Updated Dec. 16, 2019

VR Content Awards NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019 Finalists and other exhibitions will be held at Shibuya PARCO

Gold Prize, equivalent to a Grand Prix, was awarded the "Takkun Museum" by Takkun


PARCO Prize was awarded "ne.mui" by Naoki Ono who considered the boundaries of unconsciousness

PARCO, Loftwork and Psychic VR Lab's joint project "NEWVIEW" has announced various award-winning works for the VR content award "NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019". PARCO exhibited the “NEWVIEW EXHIBITION 2019 -DIFFUSION-” exhibition held at the Shibuya PARCO 9F Creative Studio, in addition to the award-winning works and works selected as finalists.


The award is for the near future where everyone will have the opportunity to take the next step when it comes to 3D space, discover the next generation of creators who can lead the world of new expression and experience in VR, and launch it. Aims for VR content in fashion / culture / art fields around the world. This year's theme is “Designing a super experience”. A total of 145 entries were submitted from eight countries.
In this entry, the quality is dramatically improved compared to last year's award in the judging items of “newness / originality”, “experience” and “impact”, and it is possible to drive the VR scene in the fashion / art / culture field.


Next Generation Human Resource Development by Shibuya PARCO

Updated Dec. 01, 2019

PARCO will develop the next generation of talent by forming a future-oriented creative industry.
The multifaceted, 3D exterior structure of Shibuya PARCO represents “a collection of gemstones.” Incorporating different shapes and elements (ideas/techniques) to draw the whole together into a single soul, the structure is a call to incubation and innovation.

1.Discover next generation creators
GAKU, a creative school for teens, was established within the 9th floor creative studio with the aim of fostering new talent. In April 2020, PARCO entered a business and capital alliance agreement with Inspire High, a distributor of educational content, and will provide its online education services to teens using as its base.

2.New forms of collaboration between industry, government, academia and the private sector
The City of Shibuya has moved the Future Design Shibuya office to the new PARCO building.

Contributing to the local area by Shibuya PARCO

Updated Dec. 01, 2019


By creating the reborn Shibuya PARCO as a global shopping complex for a new generation, PARCO is contributing to the further enlivenment of Shibuya. From the planning stage, Shibuya PARCO was designated as part of a special urban renaissance district by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and now, having opened, it is implementing various measures to contribute to urban revitalization.

1.Creating a walkable environment and lively atmosphere in Shibuya
We have created a pedestrian network that increases foot traffic and energizes the town by developing the surrounding sidewalks and creating open spaces within our premises. Storefront promotions are designed to create a lively atmosphere and the store serves as a hub for cultivating fashion and theater culture and communicating trends.

2.We are tacklinge local issues such as on-street deliveries and bicycle parking, which obstruct pedestrians, and improving disaster prevention and reducing our environmental impact.
(Concrete Measures)
・Development of a common delivery zone for the area
・Establishment of bicycle parking spaces within the building
・Provision of support facilities for people unable to return home in a disaster

3.The architectural design of Shibuya PARCO akes inspiration from the hills and streets that define Shibuya. The building’s pathways and stairs spiral up from Spain-zaka to the 10th floor along its exterior (3D paths), creating a connection between the building and the city of Shibuya.
By incorporating the contours of the city’s streets and slopes, we intend to create a next generation “City” unique to Shibuya.