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Trends Communication  Cultivating Web-based Trends Communication

As information communication undergoes massive changes, PARCO is strengthening initiatives that leverage information and communications technology (ICT) to create new ways to communicate with tenants and customers.

To this end, PARCO is revamping its store websites and enhancing the functionality of the PARCO Shop Blog, used by tenant store staff to share information with customers, adding social networking services and linking an online ordering system to the blog, as well as offering “Kaeru PARCO,” a service function enabling the reservation and purchase of goods directly from the PARCO Shop Blog. In these ways, we are working to promote new communication with customers via the Web.

In addition, we are striving to enable more efficient and effective operational execution by tenant store staff and PARCO staff through more rigorous data management and analysis.

PARCO Omni-channel Strategy

PARCO offers a variety of Web-based services to optimally highlight the appeal of its stores. By enhancing the ability of shop staff, as powerful influencers who communicate store information, to provide customer service through online tools, we are focusing on training“omni-channel customer service”staff capable of proposing options to customers before visits, during visits, and during purchasing.

PARCO Omni-channel Strategy

PARCO Web-based customer service training

In a bid to strengthen online customer service capabilities, PARCO holds regular tenant training on topics such as PARCO Shop Blog utilization methods, how to display products, and effective options for communicating with customers, in a drive to use the Web to communicate appealing PARCO store information and encourage store visits.

PARCO Web-based customer service training

PARCO staff periodically hold training sessions on Web utilization with shop staff.

Development of new service tools

We are developing tools that will allow customers to access and enjoy PARCO information anytime and anywhere.

“Kaeru PARCO” service for reserving and purchasing shop merchandise

We have added online reservation and order for delivery functions to the PARCO Shop Blog, with users also able to reserve and purchase in-store items they checked on the blog for pickup.


“POCKET PARCO” smartphone application

Through the app, we provide a wealth of information and services for an enjoyable PARCO shopping experience. In addition to displaying customized information, including the PARCO Shop Blog and in-store events, app users receive virtual coins (points) from store visits, credit card purchases, and other actions, that are redeemable for shopping coupons.

“POCKET PARCO” smartphone application

Message from stakeholders

Opinion from shop staff who use the Kaeru PARCO service

Ryota Ogitani

At our shop, we make use of Kaeru PARCO and the PARCO Shop Blog, with promotions that can show our shop’s uniqueness as featured content. The expansion of shops like ours will, I think, be a key point in reenergizing the retail sector. As shops using these tools increase, this will strengthen both the availability of retail information and product lineups, which will lead directly to sales. For this reason, I think it is important that PARCO and shops work together to promote the active use of online services.

I believe that the information we share at training sessions for encouraging use of the Web, particularly reviews and impressions from customers who use these services, will lead to improved services. So I want PARCO to keep strengthening these services, and would love for them to regularly hear input from staff as well.

Riho Nakanou

While it’s difficult to provide an unseen customer online with the same customer service found in a physical store, for customers living far from stores, I think Kaeru PARCO is a very convenient service for them, since it is on time and allows customers to make purchases easily without actually going to a store. It is also leading to sales at our shop, so I want to utilize the service even more to add to sales.

I’m looking forward to measures that will stimulate use of the service, such as exclusive Kaeru PARCO sales campaigns and benefits. Also, since our shop views the blog quite a lot, I extensively recommend both the blog and POCKET PARCO to customers.

Takashi Ishikawa

My impression in adopting use of the service was that it would lower the threshold in the best possible sense. After completing the initial setup, operating the service day to day has not been hard. The interface developed is extremely user friendly, so anyone with experience buying something from a website can operate it (at our store, part-time staff do this). Looking at it from a customer’s perspective, my impression is that the process leading up to a purchase is simpler and less stressful compared to other e-commerce sites. The main social media our shop uses is Twitter. When we time our tweets in step with trending topics, our orders increase. Other branches are also paying close attention to our shop’s sales figures, so I want to keep utilizing this service.