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Urban Revitalization  Bringing Distinctiveness to Urban Settings

In addition to its existing business, PARCO assertively develops an entire target area through the new ZERO GATE business model and other operations, for urban revitalization that emphasizes comfort and enjoyment. Guided by a view PARCO store tenants as equal partners, we work with them to take on new challenges and create distinctiveness in towns and cities in order to tap into market potential and meet customer expectations.

Fukuoka Area

Fukuoka PARCO New Building
Fukuoka PARCO Additional floor space

With the opening of Fukuoka PARCO New Building in November 2014 and extended floor space in the Fukuoka PARCO main building in March 2015, this location has evolved into the largest shopping complex in the Tenjin area.

The complex is filled with cafes and high concept fashion select shops making their first appearance in Kyushu, as well as a gallery store featuring locally known crafters and artists, and shops showcasing anime, games, and other new pop culture. It is also equipped with Wi-Fi and will adopt features such as digital signage, as PARCO builds a digital communication environment that will deliver a new consumer experience.

Fukuoka PARCO New Building

Nagoya Area

Nagoya PARCO midi

October 2014 saw the opening of Nagoya ZERO GATE, followed by the opening in March 2015 of Nagoya PARCO midi next to Nagoya PARCO West Building.

Along with the introduction of high concept fashion and noteworthy restaurants, the existing Nagoya PARCO was also renovated, including with changes made to the environment upon entering the building. PARCO is thus using the expansive area offered by a new property and improvements to existing environs to provide an urban space in which it is enjoyable to walk.

Nagoya PARCO midi opened March 27, 2015

Nagoya PARCO midi opened March 27, 2015

Updated Sep. 20, 2019