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Parco has partnered with a new educational distribution business for teens, Inspire High

Parco has partnered with a new educational distribution business for teens, Inspire High

PARCO signed a business and capital alliance agreement on April 3, 2020 with the educational distribution business "Inspire High" aiming to create a business that provides new value using the Internet in the education field. .

With the aim of creating new value in the next-generation education field by supporting the development of talent for young people, we will provide PARCO's nationwide stores and various management resources to Inspire High's online education distribution business for teens, Will work together to grow the business.

We plan to utilize the space of each PARCO store, and as a central base, we will collaborate with “GAKU”, which is scheduled to open on the 9th floor of Shibuya PARCO. "GAKU" is a place for creative education for teens, mainly middle school students, and we plan to hold various classes such as music, architecture, food, fashion, design and art.

Supporting young Asian designers by holding “AFC 7th NY Stage”

Supporting young Asian designers by holding “AFC 7th NY Stage”

PARCO held the “AFC NY Stage” at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) in New York on February 10, in the “Asia Fashion Collection 7th” co-hosted with Vantan.
Asia Fashion Collection is an effort to discover and incubate young Asian designers.
Every year, we collaborate with Asian Organizations (Korea, Taiwan, Thailand) to discover young designers who represent each country. We support their participation in NYFW and international exhibitions by supporting production, technical and travel expenses.
This year, the seventh year, there are three brands from Japan including the youngest NYFW designer in Japanese history, one brand each from Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand, and one Asian designer at Parsons Art University in New York. A total of 7 brands performed the runway show.

VR Content Awards NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019 Finalists and other exhibitions will be held at Shibuya PARCO

VR Content Awards NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019 Finalists and other exhibitions will be held at Shibuya PARCO

Gold Prize, equivalent to a Grand Prix, was awarded the "Takkun Museum" by Takkun

PARCO Prize was awarded "ne.mui" by Naoki Ono who considered the boundaries of unconsciousness

PARCO, Loftwork and Psychic VR Lab's joint project "NEWVIEW" has announced various award-winning works for the VR content award "NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019". PARCO exhibited the “NEWVIEW EXHIBITION 2019 -DIFFUSION-” exhibition held at the Shibuya PARCO 9F Creative Studio, in addition to the award-winning works and works selected as finalists.


The award is for the near future where everyone will have the opportunity to take the next step when it comes to 3D space, discover the next generation of creators who can lead the world of new expression and experience in VR, and launch it. Aims for VR content in fashion / culture / art fields around the world. This year's theme is “Designing a super experience”. A total of 145 entries were submitted from eight countries.
In this entry, the quality is dramatically improved compared to last year's award in the judging items of “newness / originality”, “experience” and “impact”, and it is possible to drive the VR scene in the fashion / art / culture field.


AFC U-18 contest and exhibition held for junior high and high school students who aspire to become designers

AFC U-18 contest and exhibition held for junior high and high school students who aspire to become designers

Image of the design worn by a model

PARCO supports the “Asia Fashion Collection” (AFC), a project to discover and incubate young designers with the aim of further developing the Asian fashion industry. AFC has extended the recruitment space for the AFC High School Contest, a fashion contest held last year exclusively for high school students, to junior high school students and held it as AFC U-18 this year.


To enable the five contestants who made it through to the second round of judging to complete their work for the final round in March 2019 with confidence, even if they were inexperienced, they were given support from specialist staff, such as provision of materials and advice on selection of materials, and technical instruction on patterns and sewing.

The final round of judging was carried out by leading stylists in the industry, who style for numerous celebrities.

The Grand Prize was awarded to Toko Kamimura, with two runner-up prizes awarded to Risa Ochiai and Nene Sogo.

Their work was exhibited at Ikebukuro PARCO Museum in April.

Asia Fashion Collection to discovery and incubate of young Asian designers

Group photograph with participating designers

PARCO, together with Vantan, organized the Asian Fashion Collection to find and nurture young Asian designers.

For this collection, young designers from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand competed for the right to appear in international events such as the runway at the New York Fashion Week and Taipei IN Style, as well as to exhibit a collection at PARCO.

Stage held in February 2019 at the New York , we held a fashion show featuring seven brands by young Asian designers which was attended by around 350 people connected with the global fashion industry.

We aim to continue developing Asia’s fashion industry by discovering and incubating young Asian designers.

Shibuya StreetDance Week

Shibuya StreetDance Week 2018

PARCO serve as the Executive Committee Secretariat for Shibuya StreetDance Week, one of the largest street dance festivals in Japan, which has been running since 2015.

Shibuya StreetDance Week aims to establish street dance as a new form of art and culture that is widely enjoyed by all manner of people, and to transmit highquality entertainment from Shibuya, which is an important cultural center for street dance, to the world, thereby helping to create excitement in the Shibuya area.

The event was held for the fourth time in November 2018, and featured various collaborations by local Shibuya dance studios and performances in front of local commercial facilities.

VR content award for fashion, culture, and the arts NEWVIEW AWARDS 2018

VR content award for fashion, culture, and the arts NEWVIEW AWARDS 2018

PARCO, in collaboration with Psychic VR Lab and Loftwork, organized a project called “NEWVIEW AWARDS 2018”.

This is a VR content award in the fashion / culture / art field. Looking to the future, the goal is to discover the next generation of creators who can drive new expression and culture / lifestyle of VR, and to give them a chance to take the next step.


We received 219 entries from seven countries, with 19 entries selected in the first screening by the secretariat.
These were submitted for a second, final judgement by all of the judges together giving them rigorous and fair consideration, with nine being selected for awards. The Gold prize (Grand Prix) was awarded to virtual YouTuber Emoco’s personal VR exhibition, “EMOCO’S FIRST PRIVATE EXHIBITION.”

PARCO Advertising for 2018-2019 Hiring a Team of Young Creators

PARCO Advertising for 2018-2019 Hiring a Team of Young Creators

PARCO 2018 A/W season poster PARCO 2019 S/S season poster

2018 and 2019 Seasonal Ad Campaigns of PARCO, we have aimed to create new forms of advertising expression by hiring young Japanese creators and gathering young talent to work together.

This process embodies our corporate approach of incubation and taking up new challenges, which we have developed over the years.


In PARCO 2018 Autumn/Winter, we hired young creators, mainly in their 20s, such as photographer Kisshomaru Shimamura and film maker Kento Yamada.


The images for the campaign also provided an opportunity for young creators to showcase their talents, winning the Jury Selection for the Entertainment Division in the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival.

“KIRE KIRE TEN Contemporary Folk Dress” exhibition in collaboration between discerning designers and textile companies

An exhibition “KIRE / KIRE / TEN – Contemporary Folk Dress” was held at Parco Museum in Ikebukuro PARCO.
In this exhibition, a total of 20 brands participate, from brands already active in mode and fashion to new brands making their debut at the event, and express "contemporary folk dress" in collaboration with textile companies.


The participating designers focused on fabric through a process of selection, development, and processing with cooperation from industrial plants located throughout Japan, adding flavor to them through various techniques including tie dying, needle punching, printing, and weft knitting.
Each designer created their own interpretation of the shared theme of contemporary folk dress for the exhibition.

DANCE ASIA―Crossing the Movements

DANCE ASIA―Crossing the Movements

© Yosuke Kamiyama/DANCE DANCE ASIA Tokyo performance 2018 “Uchu” (Cosmos) Choreographed and produced by Koutei Sennin

PARCO have collaborated with the Asia Center since 2014 to pursue the potential of performing arts through street dance with a backdrop of independently developing Asian culture.
The Asia Center was established by the Japan Foundation to promote cultural and sports exchange and the Japanese language within the ASEAN region.

In March 2018, the fourth year of our collaboration, we invited three people from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan as directors and choreographers. And together with up-and-coming dancers comprised of multiple nationalities we showcased three pieces a fusion of diverse expressive capabilities, exquisite technique, and music .
The program has been scheduled again for July 2019, this time for perforing five pieces combining the superb technique, expressive capabilities, and music of 48 artists and dancers in total from Japan and six Southeast Asian countries.

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