Main themes

【Workstyle reform】Main activities and achievements

Supporting Workstyles That Do Not Require a Specific Workplace

Supporting Workstyles That Do Not Require a Specific Workplace
We are promoting communication and faster and more intense operations through the utilization and expansion of ICT.
・Renew internal Groupware with the introduction of cloud services, etc.
・Provide all employees with mobile PCs and smartphones
・Promote internal exchanges and flexible workstyles
 (expand web meetings, partially introduce free addresses, establish free working spaces and concentration areas)

Introduction of Second Job Program

Started in February 2019
Our basic policies for the program are that
(1)second jobs and other experiences outside the Company provide opportunities for employees to grow, and employee growth leads to Company growth and
(2)the Company has employees with diverse talents, and second jobs can provide opportunities for employees to utilize their talents.
Objectives and Expectations of the Program (Objectives)
・Promote growth and autonomy of employees
・Revitalize internal activity (promote innovation)
・Retain and acquire diverse human resources
・Opportunities for employees to utilize diverse talents
Experiences outside the Company will
- Stimulate competitive awareness and promote innovation
- Expand employee perspectives and human networks, leading to transformation of Company culture

Through the second job program, the Company will
- Expand options for self-realization
- Positively impact human resource recruitment

First Time Participation in National Work Style Reform Campaign, “Telework Days,” and Tokyo Government’s “Jisa Biz” Campaign

〇Telework Days 
Two days within July 23 to 27, 2018
〇Jisa Biz    
July 11 to August 10, 2018
To enable diverse human resources to work in flexible ways, we have introduced the home work program and expanded our child rearing and nursing care support programs. Now we have participated in the national work style reform campaign, “Telework Days,” as well as the Tokyo Government’s “Jisa Biz” campaign, in an effort to promote flexible work styles.
Updated Dec. 24, 2019