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PARCO to close Shin-Tokorozawa PARCO

February 24, 2021

PARCO Co., Ltd. announced today the decision of its board of directors to close Shin-Tokorozawa PARCO.
Shin-Tokorozawa Parco has been doing business for 37 years since June 1983. We decided to close the business at the end of February 2024.


1. Details of store closure

(1) Name Shin-Tokorozawa Parco
(2) Address 1-2-1 Midori-cho, Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama
(3) Opening Day June 23, 1983
(4) Store area approx. 39,000m2
(5) Tenant transaction volume ¥10.071billion (FY2019 Results)


2. Schedule
February 29, 2024   Closure of Shin-Tokorozawa PARCO (scheduled)


3. Other
Refer to the document "Notice Regarding Notice Regarding Closure of Tsudanuma PARCO and Shin-Tokorozawa PARCO of PARCO Co., Ltd."