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PARCO's new culture festival "P.O.N.D." is being held

PARCO's new culture festival "P.O.N.D. (Parco Opens New Dimension)" has started on October 16th.

P.O.N.D. is a cultural festival of all genres such as art, fashion, music and theater, and this year a total of about 30 young creators are participating.


Taking over the philosophy of "Shibukaru Matsuri", which was held for 10 years from 2010 to last year, "Discovering and supporting new talents", the name "Parco Opens New Dimension" is always "I want to be an event that opens up a new dimension" is what it means.


We are disseminating content that opens up a new "dimension" in Shibuya PARCO, including the exhibition at PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO, "ONLINE EXHIBITION" where you can enjoy the exhibited works online, "POP-UP STORE & LIVE STREAMING" at GALLERY X.


On the first weekend of the exhibition, the exhibition at PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO, the main venue, was attended by more than 1,600 customers, and there was a great response. In addition, 400 real people + 400 online people will participate in the opening party held on the first day, and from the 23rd, a POP-UP STORE and distribution event will be held at GALLERY X. It is configured to run online.

The work by "Ryu Ika" at PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO
The work by "Ryu Ika" at PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO
Performance by "betcover !!" at the opening party
Performance by "betcover !!" at the opening party

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