Our Ten guidelines and Five actions

PARCO’s business is the culmination of the actions we perform every day. We need to make sure that these actions are consistently performed in alignment with the PARCO Corporate Mission. Therefore, PARCO has established Ten guidelines for PARCO employees that will help bring our conduct closer to the PARCO Corporate Mission.
Furthermore, through the five actions below, PARCO will develop a lasting framework to realize the ideals enshrined in the PARCO Corporate Mission.

Ten guidelines for PARCO employees

Guidelines for conduct based on the Corporate Mission

1. Customer first principle

We must always strive to gain the support of customers, and create shops that exceed their expectations.

2. Tenants as equal partners principle

We can only be successful and grow if our tenants are successful and grow. We must be a useful source of support for our tenants. We should also seek to be partners to new tenants.

3. Far-sightedness

We must always be pioneers, creating new markets and cultivating every business opportunity that falls within the commercial arena.

4. Originality

In whichever field we engage, we need to provide and implement new ideas based on flexible thinking and the collection and analysis of information about the general public.

5. Hospitality

In order to give the customer a pleasant experience, we need to provide a beautiful space by paying meticulous attention to safety, comfort and cleanliness.

Guidelines for conduct as a company member

6. Responsibility and integrity

As highly ethical and responsible members of society, we must always strictly adhere to PARCO’s Basic Principles of Compliance and Code of Conduct.

7. Passion and a fighting spirit

We must never be satisfied with the status quo, but instead hold high aspirations and take bold action with a fighting spirit and without fear of failure.

8. Individuality and community

We must value each employee’s individuality and opinion, and share information and expertise.

9. People and collaboration

We must value the trust forged between individuals and perform our duties as part of a team.

10. Growth and development

We must contribute to the growth and development of the company by acting in consideration of the big picture and the benefits to the company as a whole.

Five actions being taken by PARCO

1. Create values and standards of conduct that can be shared throughout the company

Alongside these guidelines, we are also publicly explaining the Concept Behind Our Name and PARCO Corporate Mission.

2. Systematically promote the sharing of these values and standards of conduct

We are taking action to realize the ideals described in the PARCO Corporate Mission over the medium- to long-term.

3. Create venues for sharing these values and standards of conduct

We have built a company intranet as a venue for sharing PARCO values and standards of conduct. The intranet will host valuable information for employees, such as company notices, and information and reports from each division.

4. Create tools for sharing these values and standards of conduct

We have arranged company regulations such as our Ten guidelines for PARCO employees, Basic Principles of Compliance, Sustainability, Employee Work/Life Balance Support System and Environmental initiatives into a PARCO Employee Handbook, which is posted on the company intranet.

5. Create structures for sharing these values and standards of conduct

In the mission plans created by Executive Officers, which guide the individual missions of each employee, we endeavor to incorporate the ideals described in PARCO’s Corporate Mission into all our actual activities.

Updated Feb. 24, 2021