New Businesses​

PARCO is committed to cultivating new businesses and pursuing their expansion and development.

Wellness business

Welpa is a medical wellness mall developed by PARCO that provides wellness services based on a novel concept: providing new lifestyle proposals and value in the field of wellness to support women’s inner health and beauty.As a "place to care for yourself" for women—who experience considerable physical and mental changes at different life stages—Welpa provides opportunities to understand and comfortably experience healthcare, making daily life a little more enjoyable.

Welpa Shinsaibashi
Welpa Shinsaibashi
Shinsaibashi PARCO 10th floor

Location service

Taking advantage of its easy-to-access location and well-designed facilities, PARCO offers the space of PARCO store as a location for filming for a variety of media, including TV, film, CM, and magazines, with 50 to 80 films being filmed annually. For example, the Shibuya PARCO offers a rooftop plaza overlooking Shibuya, a spiral three-dimensional street, and interior space. By providing filming locations, we aim to create new attractions that motivate customers to visit our stores, such as sublimating the locations into special places where customers can gather and feel their "favs."


Crowd-funding service

Booster is a crowd-funding service that allows groups or individuals to procure funding for new ventures from individuals via the internet. The service helps get projects off the ground through a combination of online and offline support, including partnerships with physical PARCO stores, and works with ordinary people to get their creative efforts out into the world.

Working space service

“Connecting like with like” is the concept for community working spaces SkiiMa, the place to develop what you like and bring your likes to life with friends in a highly stimulating space where people and goods are in constant interchange. With a galleries and event spaces, SkiiMa aims to provide more than simply a place to work; it’s a new space for communication.

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Updated Feb 29, 2024