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AKIRA ART WALL, a public art wall around the Shibuya PARCO construction site, selected the Good Design best 100

The AKIRA ART WALL, which used the temporary barrier around the reconstruction site for Shibuya PARCO, selected best 100 of the Good Design Award 2018.

It is a collaboration between prominent Japanese manga creator and film director Katsuhiro Otomo’s renowned work, “AKIRA,” and collage artist Kosuke Kawamura.
PARCO installed the art production on the temporary barrier in October 2017, with the intention of creating excitement around the Via PARCO (Park Street) and Spain Hill areas during the construction period.
It received the award for its affinity with the Shibuya district, which is undergoing redevelopment, and for having attracted many visitors from in and outside Japan as a point of interest.
In February 2019, it will be changed to Art Wall Project No. 3, the largest project of its kind ever, communicating to the world that Shibuya is a flashpoint for art and culture.

The Good Design Award presentation ceremony
The Good Design Award presentation ceremony

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